CNN Introduces Recession as “Racist” To Save Biden Admin

The far-left propaganda outlet that spreads conspiracy theories and encourages political violence, CNN, is laying the ground to claim that to declare a recession is… racist. For quite some time now, economists have been predicting that the follow-on, to this over 40-year inflation is an impending recession. The handwriting is on the wall and the […]

Lead Secret Service Agent To Testify Trump Never Attempted to Commandeer Car on Jan. 6th

On Tuesday, in testimony before the January 6th Committee, Cassidy Hutchinson, an aide to former Trump White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, purported that former President Trump literally tried to take charge of the presidential suburban during the January 6 riot.  She also claimed that Trump became almost violent when Bobby Engel tried to stop […]

In Retaliation For Overturning Abortion Law – Women Call for Sex Strike Against Men

Calling for a nationwide sex strike, in retaliation against men for the overturning of Roe v. Wade, following the Supreme Court’s landmark decision Friday, Pro-abortion women are taking a stand. Some activists have declared women should begin practicing abstinence, with outraged women taking to social media and the streets over the weekend to protest Friday’s […]

Biden Now Demands Gas Stations Lower Prices

In his latest attempt to address record-high prices this summer, Wednesday, President Joe Biden strongly requested that gas stations start lowering their prices. He demanded- “To the companies running gas stations and setting those prices at the pump, this is a time of war, global peril, Ukraine,” -President Joe Biden During a speech at his […]