Sussman Acquitted by Rigged DC Jury, Clinton Role in Russia ‘Collusion’ Hoax Established, Trump Vindicated.

Well the sad, but inevitable, has happened. Michael Sussman, former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer was acquitted Tuesday of lying to the FBI. He was accused of feeding the FBI false information regarding supposed “collusion” associating then-candidate Donald Trump and Russia during the 2016 campaign.

This was a clear situation of political sympathy on the part of the jury, and not a matter the facts of the case.

Prior to the jury’s verdict, it was noted that the evidence against Sussman was compelling however, it was believed he likely might prevail based on what is called “jury nullification”. This is an effort by the jury because of their political sympathies with the defendant, to reject the charges, regardless of any guilt established. Truly, the jury in this case was stacked in Sussman’s favor.

Columnist Byron York of the Washington Examiner observed in the hours before the verdict was delivered on Tuesday:

“There is no doubt Sussman lied to the FBI. There is no doubt he is guilty. But the trial is taking place in Washington, perhaps the deepest-blue jury pool in the United States. Durham’s prosecutors are “facing a jury that has three Clinton donors, an AOC donor, and a woman whose daughter is on the same sports team as Sussman’s daughter,” George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley said recently on Fox News. “With the exception of randomly selecting people out of DNC headquarters, you could not come up with a worse jury.”

-Byron York of the Washington Examiner

The facts proved by the prosecution were that:

  • Sussman indeed lied to the FBI with both falsified information and the fact that he was simply a concerned citizen and not part of Clinton’s then campaign staff.
  • The information he provided to the FBI was used to gain access to the FISA Court which provided for an illegal (turns out) investigation of the Trump Campaign.
  • The allegations against Trump and his campaign were found to be groundless, but were part of the overall “Russia collusion” conspiracy theory that the Clinton campaign used to smear Trump during the campaign and after his victory.
  • Hilary Clinton herself, personally approved the leak of the Alfa Bank hoax to the media, intending the knowingly false accusations as an “October surprise”, in the hopes of damaging Trump’s credibility in the days just prior to voting.
  • Sussman’s lie played a key part the “Russia collusion” hoax, which was created by the Clinton campaign, that took root and flourished in the FBI, and undermined the incoming Trump administration.

Sussman’s defense lawyer, argued that even if Sussman had given the FBI inaccurate information and hidden his motives for doing so, the lie was immaterial to the investigation that ensued. Durham argued that the FBI protected Sussman’s sources as a result of his alleged lie, and that investigators would not have pursued the Alfa Bank tip, had the source of the information been brought to light. The truth should matter either way!

Basically, Hilary Clinton’s campaign succeeded in weaponizing the FBI, and the FBI welcomed the effort, all in the name of defaming Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president. Although Clinton was not elected, she saw this hoax do enormous damage to the Trump presidency and ultimately, the Trump administration.

This acquittal is understandably a defeat for Special Counsel John H. Durham, however the investigation will continue. In October, Durham will prosecute Igor Danchenko, a researcher who allegedly was the source for former British spy Christopher Steele.

Steele worked for Fusion GPS to produce the fraudulent “Russia dossier” on Trump. Following the money and the political connections Durham confirmed in the Sussman trial that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid Fusion GPS, through Democrat election lawyer Marc Elias.

So essentially, the Clinton campaign was responsible for this damage to Donald Trump, his campaign and followed into his presidency. Hilary Clinton herself knew what was going on, and with the help of the fake media as her henchmen, the lies continued.

In a recent Fox Interview, former President Trump made the statement-

“For three years, I had to fight her (Clinton) off, and fight those crooked people off, and you’ll never get your reputation fully back…, Where do I go to get my reputation back?”.

- President Donald Trump

Where is America’s outrage for: this “Russia Hoax” scandal, for the reputation damage done to a sitting (duly elected) United States President and for America’s own image nationally? The silence is deafening.

How is it that one corrupt politician can do so much harm to so many people? The answer is, that when you are Hilary Clinton, you have the power to make your own rules and established laws are there to be bent or ignored. The question is that now that she’s been clearly “outed”, will she be held accountable? Time alone will tell.

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