Survey Says, Biden Gets Abysmal 37 Percent In Presidential Primary

 April 27, 2022

This week a Harvard-Harris survey, sampling 1,966 register voters on April 20-21, revealed what most of America is living with, a country that is barreling down the wrong track at an alarming pace. This represents apparently 61 percent of those polled. Right in the middle of the state of things is President Joe Biden and his lackluster group of Democratic hopefuls. So how did Joe do?

Biden garnered a mere 37 percent of his own party’s support, who stated they would vote for him if elections were today. That’s’ just a little over a third of the whole party. With 10 percent claiming they are unsure, the rest of the those surveyed stacked up in the following way:

Vice President Kamala Harris came in a shocking second with 14 percent, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) garnered 9 percent, following behind him was twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with 7 percent and the mostly missing in action, Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg garnering 6 percent of the vote. In a four-way tie for last place, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Sen Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams all received 3 percent of the vote.

Without Biden running, VP Harris leads with 31 percent of those surveyed. Hillary Clinton is in the middle with 14 percent, followed by Sen. Bernie Sanders who is bringing up the rear with 10% of those surveyed. America is just weeks away from several state primaries and these numbers don’t bode well for the democrats individually or collectively. It’s a good thing, as a whole, they don’t care about surveys.

This demonstrates why, however, the democratic party has literally been turning itself inside out to fight bad publicity from the currently administrations abysmal record of: open borders, COVID mandates and restrictive failures, astronomical gas/fuel prices, supply shortages, skyrocketing food and housing costs, rising crime and murder rates in democratically controlled states not to mention their woke members making the news lately in favor of attacking parents who do want their young children to be taught about sexuality in kindergarten. And these are just a few of the issues they have to face, here at home. The track record overseas is massively worse. The fall elections should be quite enlightening.

On the flip side, former President Donald Trump, should he decide to actually run, garnered 58 percent of Republican voters to support him in the GOP primary. Additionally, the survey also found Trump beating Biden on many key issues facing the country as above, most notably the economy, immigration, and stimulating jobs.

This sinking ship, known as the democratic party, is holding fast to its own woke anchor – surely to hold it fast to the bottom.

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