Spotify Quietly Cancels Over 100 Episodes Of "The Joe Rogan Experience"

 February 6, 2022

Spotify has quietly cancelled over 100 episodes of "The Joe Rogan Experience" following left-wing backlash against the company.

This comes as Rogan faces criticism for using a racial slur in old episodes of his show. Spotify has since removed 113 episodes of the show, most of them from late this week.

Rogan says that he used the slur when quoting others instead of using it himself. He has also issued an apology for his actions.

It's unclear how long Spotify will continue to remove Rogan's content, but the company is facing mounting pressure to do so from the radical left while gaining popularity with conservatives.

That is, until now? Spotify has undone their gains with conservatives this week after an episode of Rogan’s podcast was edited without his consent or knowledge.

The editing changed a question about abortion into one that asked if women should be legally allowed to get abortions, which prompted accusations of “censorship” and calls for Spotify to remove the podcast altogether...

Fortunately for Joe Rogan, if he was to be dropped by Spotify, he would be able to relaunch and probably make more money and reach even more people by starting on some other platform.

However, the precedent is a scary one, where a company would cancel a wildly popular show because of pressure from a political power. This should worry anyone who values free speech and expression.

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