Socialism loses in Ecuador as outsider wins Presidential election

 October 16, 2023

Ecuadorians have made a clear choice against socialism, electing a young outsider, Daniel Noboa, as their new president amidst a backdrop of political turbulence.

Breitbart reported that Ecuadorians have rejected the socialist agenda and elected Daniel Noboa, a 35-year-old heir to a major banana company, as their president. This decision comes after a tumultuous election period marked by political violence and the assassination of a leading candidate.

Noboa's unexpected rise to power

Daniel Noboa's victory was unexpected by many. He secured his place in the runoff election after a surprising performance in a televised debate. This debate took place shortly after the assassination of journalist Fernando Villavicencio, known for exposing the corruption of former socialist president Rafael Correa. Villavicencio's death added to the chaos of an already tumultuous election season.

Villavicencio was a vocal critic of Correa's administration, which was marred by questionable oil deals and the arrest of political dissidents. In one of his final public appearances, Villavicencio challenged drug cartels and proudly declared he didn't wear a bulletproof vest. Tragically, he was later assassinated, and seven suspects in his murder were subsequently killed in prison.

Political upheaval in Ecuador

Before Villavicencio's death, the political landscape in Ecuador was already in turmoil. The current President, Guillermo Lasso, took the drastic step of dissolving both Congress and his administration due to continuous challenges from socialist lawmakers. Lasso's tenure was marked by numerous impeachment attempts, leading him to believe that a reset was necessary for effective governance. He chose not to run in the subsequent election.

Daniel Noboa, set to be the youngest president in Ecuador's history, has described himself as center-left but campaigned as a centrist. He emphasized the need for unity among Ecuadorians. Despite some critics labeling his policies as "vague," Noboa promises a fresh, technocratic approach to leadership.

Noboa's vision for Ecuador

Representing the "National Democracy Alliance," a new centrist coalition, Noboa's campaign focused on decentralizing federal powers and investing in agriculture. Recognizing the importance of female voters, he promised financial support for pregnant women and expanded healthcare and job opportunities for mothers.

A unique aspect of Noboa's campaign was his appeal to the younger generation. He became a popular figure on TikTok, with supporters creating and sharing videos featuring cardboard cutouts of the candidate.

In contrast, his opponent, Luisa González, represented a return to the socialist policies of Rafael Correa, who is currently in exile. Correa, commenting from Belgium, blamed the loss on the alleged assassination of Villavicencio by conservative powers.

Reactions to the election results

The election results were met with varied reactions. Lenin Moreno, Correa's successor, celebrated Noboa's victory as a rejection of Correa's legacy. He praised the Ecuadorian people for choosing peace, democracy, and transparency.

After the results were announced, Noboa thanked his supporters and vowed to address the issues of corruption, violence, and division that have plagued the nation.


- Ecuadorians have chosen Daniel Noboa, a young outsider, as their president.
- The election was marked by political violence and the assassination of journalist Fernando Villavicencio.
- Current President Guillermo Lasso dissolved both Congress and his administration due to challenges from socialist lawmakers.
- Noboa promises a fresh approach to leadership, focusing on decentralization and investment in agriculture.
- His opponent, Luisa González, represented a return to the socialist policies of exiled former president Rafael Correa.

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