Shooting Reported In Maryland Home - Five Adults Dead

By Ken on
 November 6, 2022
By Ken on

On Friday afternoon in a La Plata, Maryland, five adults were found dead, in a home after a shooting was reported around 4:00 p.m.

NBC News noted, that La Plata police officers, upon responding to a shooting report, found five deceased adults in the house. Diane Richardson, Charles County sheriff’s spokesperson, would not say whether the five adults had been shot to death, or if their deaths resulted from other means.

Richardson was quoted by KWTX as saying,

“It’s a very sad day for this town.” Adding… “Went inside, found all five people were deceased. All appear to be adults. Investigators are working through the scene trying to positively identify the victims and establish a motive.”

-Diane Richardson, Charles County Sheriff’s Spokesperson

According to an NBC Washington report, WTOP observed that

“the sheriff’s office is speaking to one person who called to report the shooting and is cooperating.”

- NBC Washington Report

This news story is just developing. There are sure to be more facts later, as police discover the information related to this multiple murder case. The investigation is ongoing. There will be more to come. The kindest thing to do, presently, without further information, would be to consider the families of these victims in your thoughts and prayers, as they do likely have relatives somewhere, who are grieving their loss.

“Every unpunished murder takes away something from the security of every man's life”

-Daniel Webster
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