Sen. Tom Cotton: Biden Is Presiding Over A Slow-Motion Invasion At Our Southern Border

As the southern border states of Texas, Arizona and Florida fight back against Joe Biden’s open border policies, that have bombarded their border towns and citizenry, the debate heats up.

In this Fox News Forum, Senator Tom Cotton, (R-Ark.) slams Joe Biden and his administration for their failure to  address the crisis at our southern border. He describes the hypocrisy of the left, who support Biden’s’ policies, as long as it is not in their backyard, costs them nothing and does not interfere with their own local peace and harmony. He states-

“The hypocrisy of these sanctimonious liberals is just amazing”

– Senator Tom Cotton, (R-Ark.)

He goes on to describe the vast number of illegal migrants that have crossed over the U.S. border since Joe Biden has been in office – some 4 million, he says, adding that Biden and the liberals have for months bussed, flown or transported large numbers of migrants around the U.S., even under cover of night. He goes on to imply that as long as they (the liberals) get to decide where these migrants are sent – there is no debate. Apparently, Martha’s Vineyard is not “their” choice.

According to Fox News Research, this fiscal year to date, has seen 1,946,780 illegal migrants, that have crossed our “secure” (so claims Kamala Harris and WH Press Secretary Pierre’) southern border with only 11,000 bussed to NYC, 9,400 bussed to DC, 500 bussed to Chicago and now 50 flown to Martha’s Vineyard.

That these liberals declare a “state of emergency or a 5-alarm fire”, want the federal government to help them, and begin name calling over taking those sent, by the numbers, a small portion of these migrants, into their sanctuary cities, is appalling. It is a wake-up call that needs to occur. If these migrants did not want to be bounced around a bit – they should have stayed where they came from.

They are not “pawns” as the liberals are claiming – just foreign nationals asking our country, to support them in an international move – at our expense. I wonder why they expect such a big handout?  – Joe Biden needs to donate his family’s funds to assist with the effort.

In this discussion, Cotton states that these liberals are “not willing to bear the brunt of Joe Biden’s’

administrative failures” describing the injustice that the southern border towns, in these states, have been living under, these past two years now. It is a very good discussion that focuses on the truthful reality that exits in the not so humanitarian liberal left.

“Everybody loves Grace until it’s time to give some”

-Rigel Dawson


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