Section Of Interstate 95 In Philadelphia, PA Collapsed When A Tanker Truck Went Up In Flames

 June 12, 2023

On Sunday, according to a report by the Associated Press, a section of I-95 in Philadelphia, PA collapsed after a tanker, hauling a petroleum product, ignited into a blaze. Officials warned drivers to stay clear of the area. Video footage shows the collapse at Academy Road. According to a report by ABC 7,  the fire started underneath the highway overpass.  Reportedly, many drivers ended up using the New Jersey Turnpike rather than get near the fiery scene.

As reported by the outlet, authorities claim there could be extensive delays and street closures, as a result, however there were no current reports of anyone being hurt during the incident-

“Officials said the tanker may have been hauling hundreds of gallons of gasoline. The fire was reported to be under control,”

-Associated Press

In an effort to explain what occurred, according to the outlet-

“Some kind of crash happened on a ramp underneath northbound I-95 around 6:15 a.m. The northbound section above the fire collapsed quickly, state Transportation Department spokesman Brad Rudolph said,”

-Associated Press

Philadelphia Mayor, Jim Kenny (D) said officials were responding to the scene, and his office would keep residents updated on the situation. Derek Bowmer, Battalion Chief of the Philadelphia Fire Department said the northbound lanes on the interstate are essentially gone, with those lanes going southbound being “compromised” from the heat of the blaze. Weighing in, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, wrote in a social media post on Sunday morning-

“Closely monitoring the fire and collapse on I-95 in Pennsylvania. I‘ve been in touch with FHWA and spoke with Gov. Shapiro to offer any assistance that USDOT can provide to help with recovery and reconstruction,”

-Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg

It remains unclear when the highway will be reopened, but officials were reportedly considering different options to remedy the situation. According to the outlet, the collapsed section of I-95 was part of a $212 million reconstruction project that wrapped up four years ago. Though there is currently no stated immediate time frame for reopening the highway, officials are considering “a fill-in situation or a temporary structure” to accelerate the effort.

“Every accident is a notice that something is wrong with men, methods, or material. Investigate—then act.”

-Author unknown
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