Sarah Palin Announces She's Running for Congress: A Win for Conservatives

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin announced on Friday that she is running for Congress to fill the vacant seat left by late Rep. Don Young. Palin's announcement has been met with excitement by conservatives and republicans nationwide, who are looking forward to her bringing her strong family values and dedication of public servitude to Capitol Hill.

Palin said:

“Today I’m announcing my candidacy for the U.S. House seat representing Alaska. Public service is a calling, and I would be honored to represent the men and women of Alaska in Congress, just as Rep. Young did for 49 years,”

Her previous 30 years of service makes Sarah Palin the perfect candidate to fill the vacant seat in Congress left by Rep. Young.

She added:

“I realize that I have very big shoes to fill, and I plan to honor Rep. Young’s legacy by offering myself up in the name of service to the state he loved and fought for, because I share that passion for Alaska and the United States of America,” Palin continued. “I first entered politics 30 years ago, when I was elected to city council in Wasilla. I still live in Wasilla; my family is here; my son goes to school here. My heart will always be in Alaska, even when I’m representing this great state in Washington, D.C,”

In her announcement she directed the decision based on President Joe Biden’s economic failures as her reasons to run for Congress. 

Palin stated:

"America is at a tipping point. As I’ve watched the far left destroy the country, I knew I had to step up and join the fight. The people of the great State of Alaska, like others all over the country, are struggling with out-of-control inflation, empty shelves, and gas prices that are among the highest in the world. We need energy security for this country, and Alaska can help provide that – but only if the federal government gets out of the way and lets the free market do what it does best."

Her candidacy was received alongside 36 others.

“This country was built by heroes, and the radical left dishonors their legacies by opening our borders to illegal immigrants, mortgaging our children’s future, and selling out our nation’s interests to the highest bidder,” she added.

“At this critical time in our nation’s history, we need leaders who will combat the left’s socialist, big-government, America-last agenda,” Palin said. 

Well said Sarah, we look forward to seeing more candidates like you on Capitol Hill.

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