Riots against Israel and America ignite after Hamas’s hospital bombing lie

 October 18, 2023

False claims about an Israeli airstrike on a Gaza hospital have led to widespread riots against the U.S. and Israel.

Breitbart reported that recent events have seen a surge in anti-American and anti-Israel sentiments, fueled by misinformation. The false narrative, propagated by the Palestinian terror group Hamas, alleged that an Israeli airstrike resulted in the death of 500 Palestinian civilians in a Gaza hospital.

Global reactions to the false narrative

World leaders, journalists, and activists played a significant role in amplifying these claims. This misinformation led to anti-American riots across the Middle East. The intensity of these reactions was evident when mobs targeted U.S., United Nations, and Israeli embassies in various regions.

In Jordan's capital, Amman, a large crowd tried to breach the Israeli embassy compound. The police had to resort to tear gas to control the situation. Meanwhile, in Beirut, Lebanon's capital, protesters surrounded the U.S. and French embassies. They also set the area outside a United Nations building ablaze.

Similar scenes unfolded in Turkey, where angry crowds gathered in Ankara and Istanbul. They waved Palestinian flags and chanted anti-Israel slogans. Protests also erupted in Tunisia, Morocco, Yemen, Iraq, and Iran, a known supporter of Hamas.

The truth behind the hospital incident

As the dust settled, the real facts began to emerge. Contrary to the widespread belief, it wasn't an Israeli airstrike that caused the devastation. Instead, it appears that a rocket launched by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terror group misfired. This rocket landed in the hospital's parking lot, causing minimal damage to the hospital and resulting in far fewer casualties than initially reported.

Despite the emerging truth, several world leaders were quick to condemn Israel. Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, criticized the alleged attack on the hospital. Many other leaders and news agencies echoed Hamas's claims without verifying the facts.

Several countries, including Egypt, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority, blamed Israel for the incident. They even withdrew from a scheduled meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden. The agenda of this meeting was to discuss ways to assist Palestinian civilians.

Repercussions of the misinformation

In the U.S., Representative Rashida Tlaib made a startling claim. She stated that Israel had bombed the Baptist Hospital, leading to the death of 500 Palestinians. Such statements from influential figures added fuel to the already raging fire of outrage.

A former British parliamentarian went a step further. He suggested that Israel had "forfeited any right to exist" after the hospital incident. This statement essentially called for the annihilation of Israelis, exposing them to potential violence.

The ripple effects of this misinformation weren't limited to the Middle East. A synagogue in Berlin, Germany, was attacked with firebombs. This incident occurred shortly after Germany's Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, visited Israel to show solidarity.

Conclusion and reflections

The spread of false information can have dire consequences, as seen in this incident. It's crucial for world leaders, journalists, and the general public to verify facts before drawing conclusions or taking action.

  • False claims about an Israeli airstrike led to global riots.
  • World leaders and media played a significant role in amplifying these claims.
  • The real cause of the hospital incident was a misfired rocket from the PIJ terror group.
  • Reactions based on misinformation led to widespread unrest and targeted attacks.
  • It's essential to verify information before reacting, especially in sensitive matters.

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