Rep. Ogles Introduces Bill For Forcing Disclosure Of Presidential Mind-Altering Substance Use

 June 13, 2024

Rep. Andy Ogles (R-TN) has introduced the "No Juicing Joe Act" requiring disclosure to Congress when the president consumes mind-altering substances.

Breitbart reported that the legislation is aimed at enhancing transparency concerning the health of the U.S. president. Dubbed the "No Juicing Joe Act," the bill would mandate the presidential administration to alert Congress whenever the president takes any substance potentially affecting his or her mental faculties.

This legislative effort comes in the wake of Rep. Ogles' troubling observations of President Joe Biden during a recent international summit.

Ogles aired his concerns on his radio show "Restoring the Republic," where he delved into the specifics of the proposed act and recounted the incident that spurred his decision.

Distracting Incident At G7 Summit Raises Concerns

At the G7 Summit, President Biden exhibited behaviors that alarmed Ogles and other onlookers.

Ogles recounted an episode where Biden appeared distracted and strayed away from his group of fellow world leaders, prompting Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to intervene.

"And since the White House will not give him any test to that end, we’re asking that he submit and notify Congress when he’s taking any sort of cocktail or anything that might alter the state of his mind and his ability to perform,” Ogles stated. This statement encapsulates the essence of Ogles' concern and the intended purpose of his proposed bill.

During his radio broadcast on platform X, Ogles proposed the unsettling possibility that President Biden might be receiving treatments aimed at bolstering his cognition and energy levels.

He elaborated that such covert treatments if they exist, should be disclosed to ensure the president's capability to effectively govern.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is the leader of the free world, and you have other leaders in Europe that are having to wrap around him to keep him focused. This is not the message that we want to portray on the global stage," Ogles remarked, emphasizing the severity of the issue and its implications for America's image among its counterparts.

Expounding further on international relations, Ogles linked the perceived decline in U.S. leadership directly to the assertive actions of rival nations.

"This is why Russia and China and Iran are doing what they’re doing,” he explained, suggesting that these countries perceive a vacuum in strong U.S. leadership and are exploiting it.

This stance illustrates the broad geopolitical implications that Ogles attributes to incidents like those observed at the G7 Summit.

According to him, the behavior of a leader on such a stage does not merely reflect on the individual but the entire nation's standing on the global front.


Understanding the "No Juicing Joe Act," the bill not only seeks greater transparency but aims to reinstate confidence in the executive leadership by ensuring that the president’s mental faculties are unimpeded by undisclosed substances.

As this bill proceeds through legislative scrutiny, its reception among Ogles' congressional colleagues and the wider public remains to be observed. This initiative underlines the ongoing debate over how health issues, particularly those related to cognitive abilities, should be handled in the highest office of the United States.

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