Rep. Lee Zeldin Attacked While Campaigning By Weaponized Supporter Of Gov. Hochul – Police Freed Assailant Without Bail

Gubernatorial candidate, Rep. Lee Zeldin, the Republican nominee for governor of New York, was attacked at a campaign stop in Fairport, New York, by a man wielding a hand-held weapon on Thursday evening.

According to video coverage at the scene, local news outlets, and later Zeldin himself on Fox News’s Hannity: Zeldin was giving a speech at the VFW on Macedon Center Road when, David Jakubonis, 43, with a weapon secured in his fist, with two black sharp points protruding from it, lunged at his neck.

The attacker is seen on video climbing on stage while Zeldin was talking, advancing towards Zelsin, knuckles with daggers pointing at his neck, apparently verbally threatening the representative with “you’re done” and lunged at Zeldins throat. AMVETS National Director Joe Chenelly, described what happened to Fox News Digital.

“His fingers were like two finger holes in the blade and lunged at the congressman. And Congressman Zeldin blocked the first lunge. And then as he tried to lunge again, I grabbed him from behind and tackled him down to the ground and held him on the ground.”

– Joe Chenelly, AMVETS National Director

In an almost reflexive response, Zeldin blocked the first thrust. Then the suspect was tackled. Reportedly, the weapon Jakubonis used was marketed as a self-defense key-chain by Home Security Superstores –

Social media was quickly in play –

“After speaking on bail reform, someone just tried stabbing New York Governor candidate Lee Zeldin in Fairport NY,”

-Rally Attendee on Twitter

To his credit, and displaying tenacity of character, once the suspect was in custody, and everything settled down, Zeldin finished his speech.

Speaking with Fox’s Hannity on Friday, Zeldin appeared to be without serious injury, however he did express angst, at the fact that the bail issue in New York, set his attacker free almost immediately – just as Zeldin predicted it would.

Corroborating the outcome of his prediction, Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, later released a statement, revealing that Jakubonis was charged with “Attempted Assault in the Second Degree (E-Felony)” and, was “released on his own recognizance.” No bail was involved.

The night of the incident, Zeldin was also quick to thank those who helped defend him during the incident. In a statement he said-

“Thank you to everyone who reached out following tonight’s attack in Fairport. Someone tried to stab me on stage during this evening’s rally, but fortunately, I was able to grab his wrist and stop him for a few moments until others tackled him. I’m ok, and Alison Esposito, and all other attendees are safe. The attacker is in custody. Grateful for the attendees who stepped up quickly to assist and the law enforcement officers who quickly responded. I’m as resolute as ever to do my part to make New York safe again. This suspect will likely be right back out on the street immediately.”

– NY Gubernatorial Candidate, Rep. Lee Zeldin (R)

Katie Vincentz, Zeldin campaign spokesperson, referred to the attack, as a sample of the “out of control crime and violence in New York.”

In statements made by Zeldin’s Campaign-

“Congressman Zeldin, Alison Esposito and all members of Team Zeldin are safe following tonight’s attack. Far more must be done to make New York safe again. This is very much getting out of hand in this state. Unfortunately, Congressman Zeldin is just the latest New Yorker whose life has been affected by the out of control crime and violence in New York. This needs to stop! Thankfully, we still have exceptional men and women in law enforcement answering the call to protect our streets”.

-Zeldin Campaign Statement

Adding his gratitude and praise, Nick Langworthy, New York Republican Party Chairman, praised the attendees who stood up, however he specifically addressed the fact that New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) directed her supporters to Zeldin’s rally hours before the event-

“Tonight, Congressman Zeldin was targeted in a violent attack at a campaign rally stop in Monroe County. Thanks to the swift action of several brave eventgoers, the perpetrator was subdued. Congressman Zeldin and all of the attendees are safe, but this could have ended much worse. It’s not a coincidence that just hours earlier, Kathy Hochul fanned the flames of hate by directing her supporters to his rally schedule. This is unacceptable conduct for anyone, let alone a sitting governor. It’s not enough to condemn the attack, she must apologize and tone down her hateful rhetoric immediately.”

Schwartz, posted Hochul’s press release, sent hours before the attack, that included a list of Zeldin’s upcoming campaign stops. It read-

“‘Big Lie’ Lee and his entourage of extremists kick off the statewide ‘MAGA Republican’ Bus Tour, which will make stops across the state peddling dangerous lies, misinformation, and his far-right agenda,”

– Kathy Hochul, Governor of New York

On social media, Schwartz tweeted-

“You sent your supporters after him. And they came,”

– Arthur Schwartz, GOP strategist

In a very careful statement, made after the failed attack on Zeldin, Hochul tweeted-

“My team has informed me about the incident at Lee Zeldin’s campaign event tonight. Relieved to hear that Congressman Zeldin was not injured and that the suspect is in custody. I condemn this violent behavior in the strongest terms possible- it has no place in New York,”

– Kathy Hochul, Governor of New York

Zeldin’s campaign website, addressed the bail issue this way-

“From New York City to Buffalo, New Yorkers have witnessed firsthand the deadly consequences of cashless bail, but Governor Kathy Hochul and those controlling the State Legislature continue to put criminals over the safety of everyday citizens. In the midst of skyrocketing crime across our state, we must ensure that our brave men and women in law enforcement have the resources they need to keep our communities safe, and the ability to keep dangerous criminals behind bars is paramount. New York’s cashless bail law handcuffs justice, and It’s repeal is long overdue.”


This whole incident, is a really poignant example of how the left have totally lost their way. For NY Governor Hochul to send her campaign sponsors, in any manner against representatives Zeldin at his campaign appearances, in opposition to her is morally and ethically out of line.

America needs to be very clear, on what the Democratic, radical left-wing party, is doing ALL ACROSS OUR LAND. From Schumer, Pelosi, and Waters, to Whitmer, Hochul, and AOC with her Squad, the Democrats currently are using threats, violence, and outright acts of lawlessness (stalking, harassing, destruction of property, …) against Republicans who campaign in opposition to them or their views. Joe Biden, in office, has been their cover for the building atrocities they promote. His administration is the pinnacle of their position, promoting socialist racism, injustice and outright insurrection.

Democrats are CLEARLY Anti-American, Anti-Flag, Anti-Constitution and oppose vehemently our 1st, 2nd and 4th amendments, in the bill of rights. They want to dismantle America and recreate it to serve their socialist agenda. They must be stopped.

It is becoming worse by the day, when you consider the over 500+ riots they allowed to happen in 2020 if not incited, their sympathy in allowing ongoing BLM and Soros Backed destruction everywhere, the harassment of elected officials, the incitement of violence and almost murder of a sitting Supreme Court justice – and the list goes on.

Democrats have no conscience, no focus except on themselves, and the power they wish to preserve to wield in the socialist America they want to form. America needs to be more alert than ever as the stakes for our country, our freedoms and our safety – as a free people are getting ever higher.

If we don’t correct this path America will implode into a civil war here, weakening us nationally – all while our enemies watch. Every American – needs to “stand a post” and not tacitly allowing the destruction of what our founding fathers and so many others have fought and died for. May God preserve America.

“Too many Christians have a commitment of convenience. They’ll stay faithful as long as it’s safe and doesn’t involve risk, rejection, or criticism. Instead of standing alone in the face of challenge or temptation, they check to see which way their friends are going.”

-Charles Stanley


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