Rand Paul Calls Out The Left's Thirst For Control After They Contradict Biden

According to host of Fox’s Jesse Watters-

“Once in a Blue Moon, even the biggest liar in Washington will let the truth slip out.”

Jesse Watters, Fox Primetime

he said, describing President Biden’s, 60 Minutes interview, where he stated that the COVID pandemic was “over”. This was a shocking admission, by Biden, that sent ripples up and down the Democratic enclaves.

Suddenly, from everywhere, across the entirety of the Democratic party, people were racing to “walk back” what the president’s statement “really meant”. The worst of whom was Anthony Fauci who according to Watters, ran to find the “first camera he could find to say not so fast” to correct Biden – stating “we are not where we need to be”.

Watters guest, Sen. Rand Paul, explained the scenario. himself by stating that-

“I’m not sure that Joe Biden is fully in charge of in the government or in fully in charge of his wits for that matter” and “it’s always been about submission and control of the individual” adding “these are the people who truly believe in the Nanny State”, (continuing about the pandemic) and… “it is still going on in the minds of Democrats but it hasn’t been on the ground for a long time” and of Fauci he said “all he wants is for us to submit and if he can get one more hit on television - that’s what he’s looking for”

-Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul

This interview, that finishes with Sen. Rand Paul, calling out Dr. Fauci, the media, and Democrats for walking-back President Biden's comments on 60 minutes is about as entertaining, as the keystone cops. There is lots of running around, restating things, all from a different place in the Democratic party. Essentially, no one wants Biden to be taken seriously because, in front of a camera without assistance he is a loose cannon that they all have to rush to correct.

The different video clips are sadly entertaining, because they approach the pandemic from their own satirical perspectives. Even the comedians, are out to hold onto the virus as a point of control. It would be laughable, if these people weren’t so determined, to continue to feed the wallets of those who have gotten rich off of COVID, to control the lives of the U.S, Citizenry and to keep people from expecting freedom from COVID mandates.

Watters was right….Once in Blue Moon.

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