Post Reports Black Americans May Need To ‘Flee’ U.S. Due To ‘Crazy White People’

 June 11, 2022

Not exactly the bastion of conservative reporting, the Washington Post has clearly taken their rightful place among the ranks of those who believe that just because you ponder or feel something – that makes it the truth and worth reporting. This week they reported that black Americans may need to “flee the country” in the face of an apparently growing population of “crazy White people” who are “not to be trifled with.” What utter nonsense.

They went on to discuss an essay done by one of their columnists, an associate editor, Jonathan Capehart. In his “essay” (that they also published) he makes some rather radical statements. Hold that thought.

Remember, in school when ask to write an essay – did you ever get ask – Write an essay on “Why Black people are afraid of ‘crazy’ White people,” or was it on a topic that interested you? America should ask itself – why did this individual write on this particular subject?  Was it out of needing to share some theory or bring some emotion to this fear? Either way, there is little actual fact expressed in Mr. Capehart’s essay.

Moreover, that the Post would put this twaddle forward, as any kind of truth, shows the depth of their need to fearmonger. The United States population is not focused on race as these in the black community are purporting and nationally, we are not focused on “crazy white people”.

Americans are struggling with having the long list of radical leftist agendas shoved in our national face, when we need to be focused on worshipping freely, raising our families, working hard to maintain the blessings of freedom and hopefully finding some small bit of economic stability. American is a collective of ALL ethnicities’, color is but one aspect which goes with the collective. The left would have you think otherwise.

In his “essay” run by the Post to look like the truth, Mr. Capehart begins by stating his theory (again, not the truth) is that there is a “little secret”( he is letting us in on) “black people” don’t fear typical white people, but rather “crazy” ones. He stated-

“Things felt so dicey during the Trump years, I half-joked that my husband and I might have to reenact that scene from ‘The Sound of Music’ and flee the country,”…“Now, an alarming new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] shows that my ‘Operation von Trapp’ might need to go live,” he added. “The ranks of ‘crazy’ White people appear to be growing — and the rest of us don’t know what to do about it.”

-Jonathan Capehart, Associate Editor, The Washington Post

He goes on to define crazy as-

(one who) “believes any aspect of the racist ‘great replacement’ conspiracy.”…“This is the noxious idea [fear] that liberals are deliberately replacing White people with non-Whites and immigrants,” he said, claiming it “allegedly drove an 18-year-old man to target Black people in Buffalo, killing 10 and wounding three.” He added that the “twisted belief” is so widely held it’s “terrifying,” citing a Post poll [another poor resource] revealing the “present-day Black fear of White violence.” …arguing that the “right to self-protection, let alone the right to bear arms, doesn’t exactly apply to Black people.”

-Jonathan Capehart, Associate Editor, The Washington Post 

This kind of blatant fear mongering has become commonplace in these institutions called – media outlets. The Post is so concerned about keeping the fires of Critical Race Theory (CRT) burning, they have let anyone say anything, citing weak if not clearly disreputable sources (the Daily Beast and CNN), to make whatever point they want to push in the moment. It is irresponsible journalism to say the least.

Remember though, emotionalism is what they are striving for because if they can keep the “hate / fear lie” going, they can add to it in any way they like. In fact, there is so much misinformation and downright lying going on – America, if not careful, can be swept up in the hype. America’s citizenry needs to check out the facts and not settle for the fictional narrative of the left.

This media coverage of the lie, is why as a nation, we continue to have mass shootings by persons of ANY color. Those who are Caucasian (white) are the ones that they cover, America doesn’t hear about the rest.

Essentially, these outlets incite copycats who gain further media attention, that feeds the meter of the issue they have helped to create. It is again irresponsible reporting. Like this article, gives attention to - those who fear others may be enacting laws to benefit the collective and not specifically based on their own ethnicity, or apparent belief system, supporting the critical race lie, that racism might force them to “leave the country for my [their] own protection.”  Nonsense.

Capehart finally finishes his essay with a partial truth in that he reveals that the decision to leave the county would not be due solely to “race,” but also to issues surrounding his own personal leftist his belief system that includes: gender, LGBTQ, and abortion. Wow – now at the end of this fearmongering, the truth leaks out.

He wants to live in an America that can be forced to progressively change to suit his own belief system. The collective ethnicities of America with the freedoms provided are not enough for Mr. Capehart. He and his leftist friends want America to bend to suit them. No thank you.

The U.S. as a collective whole is the focal point Mr. Capehart, “One Nation Under God”, but thank you for finally coming at least a little clean in your writing.

“They call good evil and evil good. There are those who are so easily offended that they lose their ability to ever discern any truth, and this is often derived from a sort of frenzy by way of their own masked prejudice.” 

-Criss Jami, Healology 
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