Police Finally Make 40 Arrests During Chicago Mass Mob Scene Rampage Of 400 Youth

 August 2, 2023

The Chicago Police Department (CPD) made about 40 arrests, as a large group of teens again targeted an area along Roosevelt Road in the city’s South Loop business district. This is of note because for the last several years, the CPD has engaged in a policy of “hands-off”, as huge groups of hundreds of teens and young adults have gone on a rampage through the city and suburbs looting and pillaging residences and stores without any restraint.

These mob scenes have struck neighborhoods looting stores, vandalizing cars, fighting with each other, and even shooting people. But on Sunday, finally police reversed that policy and actually made dozens of arrests during one such occurrence.

According to CWB Chicago, it was the largest number of arrests, since 61 were arrested during a mob rampage, in July of 2021. With the mob of some 400 teens carousing through the area and totally trashing a 7-Eleven convenience store in the process, a mere 40 arrests made only a small

dent in those participating.

Most were charged with misdemeanors and immediately released, however, a select few were hit with gun charges, according to NBC 5. But, the fact remains that the CPD certainly made an about-face. In fact, according to CBS News, several CPD supervisors were heard encouraging officers to make arrests.

According to the outlet, a supervisor was heard saying-

“Let’s be clear – for these kids are running in the street, mass arrest. Lock them up,” …“If you’re an officer, you should be putting hands on people and arresting them right now – not watching them walk by you.”

-CPD Police Supervisor

Interim Chicago Police Supt. Fred Waller stood by the arrests, saying that they were for cause, and not random. Waller said-

“Our posture has been tolerant, and usually when we say that it’s curfew and we ask them to disperse, they do,”. “Yesterday, they, so to speak, crossed the line.”

 “The arrests are a result of the actions. Before we asked them to move, we asked them to go home. It was curfew time, and they did. This time, they refused. They began fighting against each other,” …“We haven’t arrested people like that, but this group got so out of hand we had no choice.”

- Interim Chicago Police Supt. Fred Waller

Trying to jump into action ahead of the appearance of the mob of teens, community activists began contacting businesses to close up and lock down, to try and prevent damage to their best ability. Apparently they did so, after monitoring social media posts that were encouraging teens to gather in the area,

For several years, now, these mobs of teens have been creating bedlam in Chicago, with little being done to stop them. In fact, a couple suffered injuries just this past April, as groups of hundreds of teens rioted through the city’s downtown Loop area. Also in April, two teens were shot by someone who appeared to be shooting randomly into the crowd of hundreds, during four days of teen mob action.

Chicago Mayor, Brandon Johnson, a self-professed “progressive,” took office in May, but has thus far not been able to make a dent in the rising crime rates, or put a stop to these mobs of teens terrorizing the city. In fact, previously in April, he was heard chastising the media and Chicago’s weary residents for “demonizing” the mobs of teens.

Johnson has literally scolded anyone critical of these mobs. In April, he said, after the four days of destruction that was wrought-

“In no way do I condone the destructive activity we saw in the Loop and lakefront this weekend,”… “It is unacceptable and has no place in our city. However, it is not constructive to demonize youth who have otherwise been starved of opportunities in their own communities.”

-Chicago Mayor, Brandon Johnson

Johnson has busied himself, meanwhile, with looking to put $25 million in city funds to house illegal aliens. He has literally turned several of the city’s schools and colleges into shelters for these illegals .

This has been his focus, all the while, as many as up to 50 Chicagoans have been shot every weekend since he took office. No wonder the teen mobs have been running rampant in his city, with little pause for law enforcement. They see a friend in Johnson who clearly has no real intention of holding them accountable for their behavior.

Johnson is effectively breeding a generation of lawlessness, that will cost Chicago dearly for decades to come. He is effectively encouraging crime through neglect and focusing on his apparent compassion for the illegal migrants that he has welcomed. The Windy City is definitely the big loser.

This focus on neglect of law breakers, both that are legal and illegal residents, is why Chicago is not a place to visit or feel safe in anymore. Havoc reigns there by the invitation of the democratic, progressive left.

“Stopping crime before it occurs is the most effective crime fighting tool of all.”

-Blanche Lincoln
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