Pilot Dies As Stunt Plane Crashes In Mexico For Gender Reveal Party

 September 5, 2023

In San Pedro, Mexico, during a gender reveal stunt in Mexico, the pilot died when the small plane he was flying crashed, while dumping pink smoke on the expecting couple. In a video posted online, it shows a couple standing in front of a sign that reads, "Oh baby," and is decorated with pink and blue balloons. The plane then appears to fly low and dumps pink smoke, revealing the couple is having a baby girl, when the small aircraft suddenly pulls up and begins to spiral, with its’ left-wing bend upward, crashing away from the crowd gathered moments later. Apparently, the couple and many of their guests were unaware that the plane was actually crashing.

According to local news Línea Directa, Paramedics responded and found the pilot in the wreckage. He was transported to a local to a hospital where he later died. No further details were reported.

“I think that's what life is: happy and sad, bittersweet. It's everything all at once.”

-Aimee Lou Wood
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