Pentagon Pushing To Re-name Military Bases To “Cut Ties To Confederacy”

On Fox News & Friends, Host Carley Shimkus, discusses with Army Veteran and U.S Congressional Candidate, John James - the fallout over the politicization of the military. With nine military bases on the list, these name changes are the result of the Pentagon wanting to remove any hint of the confederacy or so it says.

The Bases to be renamed are:

  • Fort Benning in Georgia           Fort Moore
  • Fort Gordon in Georgia            Fort Eisenhower
  • Fort Lee in Virginia                   Fort Gregg – Adams
  • Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia            Fort Walker
  • Fort Pickett in Virginia              Fort Barfoot
  • Fort Bragg in North Carolina    Fort Liberty
  • Fort Rucker in Alabama           Fort Novosel
  • Fort Polk in Louisiana              Fort Johnson
  • Fort Hood and Texas               Fort Cavazos

It was discussed that one possible reason beyond the Secretary of Defense wanting to remove all confederate names, was the all of the services fell sort of their recruiting number this year by thousands. James remarked that as long as we don’t erase history he was not pressing the issue however, he went on to discuss the drug problems that he sees in the current military, citing 14 Fentanyl overdoes in Fort Brag alone this year.

He goes on to discuss the open borders that have allowed this nation to be infiltrated by these drugs that are killing our military. James goes on to discuss why we need to focus on our “combat power” and how that seems to be far from where this administration is. He applauded the Army’s attempt to combat drug abuse and suicide, and said that he is anxious to get to Congress to be a support to the military and veterans.

As far as the loss of recruitment, he discusses how America is not training its youth to be educationally ready, emotionally strong, physically in shape and patriotic.

James displays a passion for this country and how it is being eroded by the present Biden administration and the current culture. This segment is a reminder that our military is struggling to “be all they can be” under this current administration and eroding culture, that is betraying the trust of our nation’s military – whatever you want to call the bases, which seems wholly insignificant compared to that says James.

Hopefully, James will be able to take his passion to Washington, to make the difference he seeks for our nation’s men and women in uniform and for this nation as a whole.

“What matters in life is to take a stand. There will be situations in life where we must take a stand. If we do not take a stand, then we will fall down in our own eyes. Let us take a stand for what is right. And let us raise our voice against injustice.”

-Avijeet Das
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