Pelosi’s Buy Millions In Stocks Before Congressional Subsidy Vote – “REEKS Of Impropriety”

Apparently when you are married to the Speaker of the House, you can time your purchases to make BIG BUCKS. According to Reuters, right before the Senate is set to vote on a competition bill next week, that would give a $52 billion subsidy to the semiconductor industry, Paul Pelosi, bought up to $5 million in stocks in a semiconductor company.

Exercising 20,000 shares worth between $1 million to $5 million in Nvidia, a semiconductor company based in Santa Clara, California, Paul Pelosi, acquired stock ahead of the pending house vote. On Thursday, this was revealed in a disclosure that Nancy Pelosi filed to the House of Representatives. Additionally, in the same disclosure it was revealed that Paul Pelosi sold 10,000 shares worth between $1 million to $5 million in Visa, and 50 call options worth between $100,000 to $250,000 in Apple.

According to the Daily Caller, in June 2021, Paul Pelosi also purchased up to millions of dollars in Nvidia stocks. It would appear that this purchase occurred around the same time the Senate was slated to pass a more expanded version of the semiconductor subsidy bill; however, the House never took up the legislation. What impeccable timing the Pelosi’s have – get in early enough to take advantage of the vote to come.

Quietly and stealthily, Nancy and her husband Paul have positioned themselves to make a boat load of cash. Who says it’s what you know that matters, when in fact, it’s who you know that has the inside scoop. While Americans suffer financially through her party’s policies and she supports the “Bungler in Chief”, the rest of America’s investments, 401Ks and retirement accounts are tanking! Maybe she thinks like Marie-Antoinette – “Let them eat cake”.

In a statement to the Daily Caller, Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) said-

“Obviously Speaker Pelosi would be aware of the timing of this legislation over in the Senate,”. “On the heels of that vote, for anyone in her orbit to purchase seven-figures worth of stock of an U.S.-based chip manufacturer just reeks of impropriety.”

Among the highest-earning members in the House, Nancy Pelosi has gone on record regarding trading stocks,  stating that she opposes a ban on congressional members trading stocks. Really – no doubt when she can use her position to line her already deep pockets.

Living in the state with the most homeless and responsible for the squalor in her district, Nancy lives a kept life behind her walled, guarded estate. As long as she is in the know, and Californians as well as U.S. Citizens continue to pay their taxes, she can continue to live her affluent lifestyle. Why should she give more than her party’s lip service, to the common American?

And what’s with Nancy Pelosi denying that she owns any of the stocks her husband trades? California is a community property state – what’s hers is his, and what’s his is hers. What a load of crap. America is not fooled by your twisting of the facts, Nancy. Gratefully, your reign will soon come to an end and you can retire with all the money you have gained since coming to the tax-payers trough.

The sheer audacity of Nancy Pelosi and her party, is enough to make the average citizen physically sick. America needs to have better watchdogs for the likes of Nancy and her cronies. It would be likely devastating, but interesting, to know just how many other members of congress have gotten away with such deceit. November cannot come soon enough. One social media blogger put it this way-

“A country without justice won’t last long. It’s been proven time and time again throughout history. This shows the arrogance and growing ability for Democrats to escape justice.”

                                                -BDS, Breitbart Blogger

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”

-Benjamin Franklin.


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