Paradise Engulfed In Flames As Maui Death Toll Climbs to 55 Persons And History Lost

 August 11, 2023

On Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2023, the County of Maui saw smoke filling the sky from wildfires on the intersection at Hokiokio Place and Lahaina Bypass in Maui, Hawaii. Wildfires in Hawaii fanned by strong winds burned multiple structures in areas including historic Lahaina town.

According to Maui County officials, as the wildfires ravaged the island, the death toll has climbed to 55. However, the identities of those who have died have not been released, nor were they included in the previous statements made, which had confirmed “firefighting efforts” were ongoing.

Reportedly, desperate residents jumped into the ocean, in a bid to escape the fast-moving flames, while other residents and visitors raced to escape via available air routes. In a desperate bid to leave the island, people gathered at the Kahului Airport, awaiting flights on Wednesday, in Kahului, Hawaii. Several thousand Hawaii residents, reportedly tried to escape homes on Maui as the Lahaina fire swept across the island.

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, officers plucked at least a dozen people from the water as emergency services were overwhelmed, by this disaster that appeared to have erupted almost without warning. The fire has reportedly burnt entire neighborhoods to the ground and as a result of people that are still missing, there is a huge search and rescue operation under way.

Driven by strong winds from Hurricane Dora, passing far to the south, wildfires took the island of Maui by surprise, leaving behind burned-out cars and smoking piles of rubble where historic buildings had once stood. It is a tragedy of historic proportion.

Reportedly, five evacuation shelters have been opened on the island, which were said to be “overrun” with people. A popular tourist destination, Maui visitors have been urged to stay away. In a recent statement, Hawaii Lt. Governor Sylvia Luke told reporters-

“This is not a safe place to be,” …“We have resources that are being taxed.”

-Hawaii Lt Governor Sylvia Luke told reporters.

“This horror will grow mild, this darkness light.”

-John Milton
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