Ohio’s Second Town To Face Explosion In One Month – This Time In Cleveland Suburb

 February 22, 2023

On Monday, more than a dozen people reportedly, have been injured following an explosion that afternoon, at a metal manufacturing plant near Bedford, Ohio. The town of Oakwood, near Bedford is a suburb just 14 miles from downtown Cleveland.

According to a report by Fox 3 Now, emergency services were requested, noting that several medical helicopters were to be deployed, with a majority of local fire departments on the scene of this three-alarm fire, they said-

[A] “significant blast has taken place” [at the metal factory],  claiming …“The incident is believed to have potentially resulted in multiple casualties,” then adding… [that] “a minimum of 14 individuals” [had been hospitalized, including one individual in critical condition].

- Fox 3 Now

According to another report, by News 5, in Cleveland, ambulances were seen at a business that manufactures brass and bronze alloy, I. Schumann & Co.  This is Ohio’s second town to face an explosion in one month.

After the tremendously volatile blast, heavy metal debris and brick building pieces were found over 100 yards away. Thick smoke was also seen billowing into the sky, as captured on video footage taken from a nearby highway. The total number of casualties and injuries suffered as a result, has not been released. Further, it remains unclear what caused this massive explosion.

The state of Ohio, is already struggling in the aftermath, of a train derailment, that occurred two weeks ago in East Palestine, about 70 miles southeast of Bedford. This explosion, at the metal factory in Bedford, only adds to the complexity of the struggle felt by Ohioans, amidst these challenges.

Ohio authorities conducted a controlled detonation, after the train derailment in East Palestine, which resulted in a dark plume of smoke in the sky, the byproducts of which - settled on the town, waterways and surrounding areas. The damage has yet to be fully assessed.

A plume of toxic chemicals was captured in photographs, that were later circulated across social media. Evaluation of the physical loss, the environment, health implications and long-term feasibility in the safety of staying there – is ongoing by the both the EPA and Norfolk Southern Railway.

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-Roger Crawford
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