Obama Sends Midterm Warning To Woke Dems

By Ken on
 October 18, 2022
By Ken on

On Fox News “Outnumbered”, Panelists discuss the fact that Democrats have called Obama out of mothballs, to help them save this mid-term election. They appear to be turning to Obama just prior to key races, counting on him to muster support for Democratic candidates, that are in danger of losing their seats.

As Obama gears up, to make campaign stops in battle-ground states, they are focusing on his preparatory remarks to his own party. On a recent pod cast “Save America”, he cautioned his party that people don’t want to feel as though they must walk on eggshells - referring to the woke cancel culture within the progressive movement of his own party.

Obama further seemingly urges, the woke members of the Democratic party, to avoid being a “buzz kill”. Meaning no one want to vote for someone whose focus is being a part of the “word police”, accentuating the cancel culture emanating from certain members of his own party. He is simply saying – the narrative counts, however he does not address a single issue of importance to the American people, but rather focuses on semantics alone. Same old – same old, all talk no action.

The panel goes on to discuss the former president's remarks and his effort to campaign for certain Democrats ahead of the pending mid-terms. They state how unimpressed they are, by his comments to the woke members of his party, especially regarding the severity of how far things have come in the cancel culture they represent. Additionally, they express cynicism regarding how much to heed what he is saying – calling Democrats the “party of crushed eggshells”.

David Webb, show host, warns listeners not to buy the hype of Obama, who despite what he says never welcomed those illegal migrants sent to Martha’s Vineyard, but left them to be shipped off of the island as soon as possible, emphasizing his lack of credibility at this point.

A good update on what the Democratic party is up to pre-mid-terms, and how desperate they look in having to press Obama into service. November’s elections, hopefully will be a clear referendum, on the Democratic Woke Progressive Leftists and their brand of American socialism.

“Don't ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up.”

-Robert Frost
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