NYC Mayor Adams Calls Illegal Migrants Arriving There: “HORRIFIC”

Earlier this week, New York City Mayor Eric Adams turned down Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s invitation to visit Texas, as the sparring between the New York Democrat and the Texas Republican Governor continued to foment.

As Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) bused illegal immigrants to NYC, one of the so-called sanctuary cities on the East Coast, Mayor Adams (D) negative reaction was to call The situation “horrific”. Reportedly, dozens of mostly single adult males, arrived in New York City from Texas over the weekend.

With mostly single adult males arriving at Port Authority, in New York City on Friday, according to footage from Breitbart News, the bus was filled following Abbott’s decision to disperse illegal border crossers to Democrat-run, illegal-friendly sanctuary cities.

Texas Gov. Abbott said in an August 5 statement-

“In addition to Washington, D.C., New York City is the ideal destination for these migrants, who can receive the abundance of city services and housing that Mayor Eric Adams has boasted about within the sanctuary city,”  adding “I hope he follows through on his promise of welcoming all migrants with open arms so that our overrun and overwhelmed border towns can find relief,”  

- Texas Gov. Abbott

Present Sunday morning, when a second load of migrants arrived in the city, Mayor Adams used the opportunity to slam Abbott for exporting the problem to the Big Apple. He reportedly said-

“This is horrific, when you think about what the governor is doing,” Adams said, calling the move “unimaginable.”…“It is unimaginable what the governor of Texas has done, when you think about this country, a country that has always been open to those who were fleeing persecution,”

“We’ve always welcomed them. And this governor is not doing that in Texas. But we are going to set the right tone of being here for these families,” claiming (that some) “wanted to go to  other locations, and they were not allowed to do so.” Adding “They were forced on the bus,” concluding with “Our goal is to immediately find out each family’s needs and give them the assistance they want.”

For all his boasting, Adams continues to appear put off by Abbott’s decision to bus illegal immigrants to his city. He had formerly stated that the people of NYC would “always welcome newcomers with open arms.” Seemingly now, because it is a forced issue – he has changed his mind. Charity it seems, always sounds better when someone else manages the workload and the burden of the expense. His insincere attitude betrays him. Shame on you Adams – New York City, needs to shoulder the cost of your own liberal, Democratic party’s, open border policy, and not subject the border states to covering all costs to meet these “needs”.

One blogger put it this way-

“No, Mayor Adams! Encouraging over 2 million illegal aliens to invade the US in the last year is horrific! Them arriving in NYC, under your watch, is poetic justice! “

-Pinnacle Stoves, Breitbart Blogger

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

-John Bunyan
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