NJ communities Commemorate Loved Ones Lost In 9/11

On Fox News, Megan McDowell, discusses the overwhelming support she felt after losing her brother-in-law in the 9/11 attacks, and how that inspired her to found “Heartworks,” an organization dedicated to “replicating and sustaining” the kindness witnessed in wake of 9/11. 

The foundation reaches out to those in the community, to actively seek to help those struggling, in tragic circumstances, by meeting the need of the moment. McDowell says that the goal of the organization, is about living every day like they did post 9/11 – coming together in unity, in the midst of tragedy. She also talks about not waiting, for tragedy, to be socially kind.

In the spirit of 9/11, Ms. McDowell says she had a change of heart “at the cellular level”. She urges the community to band together in times of struggle, helping each other with acts of kindness. No matter how small, each act builds upon itself and blossoms into the care, concern, and help, others so desperately need.

This is the America of our founding fathers, whose focus on helping the individual, most especially those less fortunate than ourselves, hoped would endure. It is a refreshing piece, that serves as a reminder of the truly generous America, that sincerely cares about others. May she continue to prevail.

“Compassion never corrupts a nation. compassion has always been, and  must always be, a vital part of the strength of America.”

-Johnson, Lyndon B, Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States


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