Nikki Haley Claims 2024 Candidates Are Actually Running Against “President Kamala Harris”

 June 5, 2023

Nikki Haley, Republican presidential candidate, slammed President Joe Biden’s competency level Saturday, saying candidates need to approach the 2024 race as if they were running against “President Kamala Harris.” Haley also reiterated her calls for presidents, including Biden, to take a mental competency test.

Reportedly, in an interview, with Breitbart, Haley, former ambassador to the U.N. and South Carolina governor said during an interview with Breitbart News-

 “Anybody, that thinks a vote for Biden is truly a vote for Biden is mistaken. You’re voting for Kamala Harris,” “That’s what this is. We’re running against President Kamala Harris. That’s the way we need to look at it because that’s what’s going to happen if he gets reelected again.”

-Nikki Haley, 2024 Republican Presidential Candidate

Her remarks came in response to Biden’s recent epic fall at a graduation ceremony, at the U.S. Air Force Academy, where Biden blamed a mystery sandbag for his mis-step and required three persons to help him stand up. It was the latest happenstance in the multiple tumbles Biden, 80, has taken while serving as president. Haley said.

“None of us should be proud of what we saw. None of us should celebrate the fact that he fell, but what’s more important is, think about what China, Russia, and North Korea and Iran thought when they saw him. That’s what I worry about. They sense weakness. And he just showed weakness,”

“It’s exactly why we have to have a new generational leader. We have to have term limits. We have to have mental competency tests for people over the age of 75,” … “We can’t have these leaders that are making these big decisions not being at the top of [their] game.”

-Nikki Haley, 2024 Republican Presidential Candidate

Under Haley’s proposal, Former President Donald Trump, the frontrunner in the race, would also be subject to a test. Trump is 76 years old. Essentially agreeing with Haley, however, in a statement on Truth Social in February, Trump wrote-

“ANYBODY running for the Office of President of the United States should agree to take a full & complete Mental Competency Test.”

-Former President Donald Trump

Reportedly last month, in a letter regarding Biden’s competency to serve, run for office and / or take a test for mental function, written to the White House, dozens of House Republicans called on Biden to take a cognitive competency test. According to Rep. Ronny Jackson (R) TX, a former Trump White House doctor, and a leader of the letter, questioned Biden’s need for the test. He claimed that though Biden has passed two physical exams since taking office, in the letter he wrote-

 “There is no indication you have had any cognitive assessment, or if you have, such results were concealed from the public.”

-Rep. Ronny Jackson (R) TX, Former Trump White House Physician

“Success demands a high level of logistical and organizational competence.”

-George S. Patton
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