Newly Uncovered Fauci Communications State COVID Looked Potentially 'Engineered'

 January 23, 2023

On Fox News, America Reports, Dr. Marc Siegel, Fox News contributor, discusses with host John Roberts, the release by “The Intercept”, on Thursday, of unredacted emails, demonstrating what they describe as a seemingly “anxious urgency” in discussions between Dr. Fauci and NIH Head Dr. Francis Collins.

This email exchange was reported by The Intercept to discuss-

“the document show, that in the early days of the pandemic Fauci and Collins took part in a series of email exchanges and telephone calls in which several leading virologists expressed concern that…

“SARS-C0V-2 looked potentially “engineered” the laboratory participants also contemplated the possibility the laboratory activities had inadvertently led to the creation and release of the virus”

-Jimmy Tobias, The Intercept

In Dr. Siegel’s response, to John Roberts questions regarding the emails, he stated that he was very surprised because, Tobias is a left-leaning political individual and he was surprised that it seems as though there are now raised eyebrows on both sides of the aisle, that was his first point. His second point was that in emails, that Fauci was said to asked what is this “furine cleavage site” doing here?
A point that raised more questions by colleague, Dr. Robert Redfield at the time.

Apparently, this site allows the virus to attached to human cells, but it is not usually found on bat coronavirus. Apparently at the time, this question created a big stir in the science community. At that point the narrative from the NIH, became that this was from “ nature”.

Siegel said that after interviewing Fauci numerous times he believes that “Fauci believes it came from nature”. Apparently, Redfield questioned “How did this virus spread asymptomatically to millions and millions of humans overnight? Siegal now states that the “lab leak theory looks pretty suspicious”.

He goes on to discuss that there was no balance in the effort to look into both the natural and the “lab leak theory” positions. Siegal purports the reason that scientists would not look at the “lab leak theory” seriously, is because this is a group of experts who are committed to an “international consortium of scientists” and according to the law -  for enhanced emerging potential pandemic pathogens - to be allowed see work in this field, the law requires “strict supervision and you can do it”.

Then he goes on to question the fact, that the truth is, we don’t know how strict supervision is in the Netherlands, China and even in the North Carolina laboratories, with this kind of work is going on. He added that the NIH likely does not want to “admit that they let the Genie out of the bottle”.

Adding the need for “more boots on the ground” and more open disclosure of exactly what happened in the laboratory, Siegel said believes that we may yet find out what really happened. In fact, a new report from Japan, questions why we are still doing this form of work – actually calling for a moratorium until we figure this out. Perhaps these newly released emails will encourage the science community to be truthful and serious about being transparent, with regard to the origin of this virus. Time will tell.

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