New Jersey Plays with Fire – Considers Sex Education Upgrades That Destroy Innocence

The state of New Jersey is broadening its sex education guidelines and school districts are reviewing new material involving gender identity that will expand its sex education curriculum in what it calls a woke, transgender and gender ideology-obsessed era. At the February 22nd Westfield Board of Education Meeting in Westfield, New Jersey, those in attendance, including parents, were presented with an update on the district’s work to revise the Comprehensive Health and Physical Education curriculum.

Sample lesson plans included the promotion of animated videos known as “AMAZE”. A spokesperson for Westfield Public Schools told Fox News that the teaching materials are a “sample list of resources” aligned with New Jersey’s policy, and are not official policy. Let’s hope not – these videos are like the Flavor-Aide Jim Jones had the children of The Peoples Temple drink in 1978 at Jonestown, Guyana. It was laced with cyanide – killing 304 of them.

When there is no regard for the cost in promoting sexual aberrations, experimentations and the possible distrust of parents or family together with the moral code that makes up the fiber of society, there needs to be strong opposition. The possible cost to the individual, the family unit, society and a nation as a whole could be vastly destructive. School districts have no business participating in the grooming of children to normalize this gender ideology as truth. Parents should be the primary trainers of their offspring and should not have their children educated / indoctrinated in sexual topics such as those below. These are adolescent discussions to be had with seasoned adults – hopefully their parents. Our nation’s children should not be sucked into fun videos that plan seeds of doubt as to who they are.

In researching the AMAZE programming, to understand why the school board is considering this content, it was discovered that these videos are produced by a company with a Vision and Mission statement that says it all.

According to their web site

“AMAZE envisions a world that recognizes child and adolescent sexual development as natural and healthy, a world in which young people everywhere are supported and affirmed and the adults in their lives communicate openly and honestly with them about puberty, reproduction, relationships, sex and sexuality. In such a world, young people across the globe would have access to the information and support they need to develop into sexually healthy adults.”

Its’ mission is

“to provide quality sex education can help young people successfully navigate puberty, learn about healthy body image, distinguish between healthy and unhealthy relationships, and understand the concepts of consent and mutual respect.”

The following are a few of the topics that this apparently well financed company is promoting via their “fun” cartoon videos. Their video series begin at the kindergarten level.

  • Gender Identity Definitions Regarding Gay, Lesbian, Homosexual, Heterosexual, & Genderqueer and How To Let Perceptions Guide Choices
  • Stalling Puberty by the Introduction of Endocrinologist Prescribed Drugs (puberty blockers) to Make Physical Changes Easier and Less Stressful
  • Normalization of Confused Feelings, Attractions to Same, Opposing or Both Sexes Without Concern
  • Masturbation for Both Biological Males and Females as a Natural and Normal Stress Relief Complete with Graphic Examples (though cartoon form)
  • Stress, Anxiety and How to Deal with Feelings.

These topics and others are covered in over 100 videos in multiple languages on their YouTube channel, promoting basically gender acceptance of confusion as it relates to sexuality issues for early through teen age students. Consider it a K-12 and beyond curriculum of sexual experimentation without restraint. The actual videos are quite shocking but done in a desensitizing way – much like the pharmaceutical industry that advertises life-threatening drugs while skipping through flowery fields as a distraction.

This curriculum is nothing more than a revival of the “Free Love Movement” of the 60’s but it’s attacking the moral fiber of the nuclear family by promoting the destruction of innocent of children as old as 4 or 5, hitting them hard in 5th grade through sex education. It entices them to consider alternatives to the biological sex they were born at birth, suggesting conversations with persons other than parents without regard for the religious basis of their families. They clearly purport that the individual they want to develop should be free of judgement, focused on acceptance of all forms of sexuality (regardless of moral / religious belief) in order to be able to “develop into sexually healthy adults”.

This is a full-on proselytizing of Americas and the world’s children. Where is the outrage? This is sickening at its core not because these subjects are without merit to be discussed but more because this organization has assumed it knows what is best for Americas children, families, communities, and the US as well as other nations.

AMAZE Executive Director & Advocates for Youth, Deb Hauser, MPH is the “Content Expert” for AMAZE

“has been at the center of numerous innovations in the field of adolescent sexual health, including co-founding the Future of Sex Education—an initiative that produced the first-ever National Sexuality Education Standards, designing an innovative HIV/AIDS prevention and testing-to-treatment program on the campuses of historically black colleges and universities, expanding the Great American Condom Campaign into a ground-breaking effort to normalize condom use on more than 1,000 college campuses across the U.S., and helping to build the infrastructure of the LGBT youth movement in the Global South. Deb is committed to a cascading style of leadership that promotes youth activists as change agents and leaders in the field”.

When does a master’s in public health make you a sexuality expert for children?

Ms. Hauser and her vast staff should be inquired of as to their level of expertise as it regards what they are actually putting forth in their video products and it would be interesting to see who is paying them as they advertise that the videos are “free and always will be”. Someone is paying the company to build these videos as they have a large staff and sport no less than 30 Ambassadors (ages 10-16yrs.) from across the nation to promote their work locally. School Boards and Parents Beware!

Little wonder last month, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) signed into law the Parental Rights in Education bill, which prohibits teachers from discussing sexuality and transgender ideology to children in kindergarten through third grade. Three cheers for Florida voters, parents and DeSantis – sanity prevails.

More states need to get busy setting up their own Parental Rights in Educations Bill since it must now be spelled out that the children you birthed are your responsibility to educate in these and other matters and the State, and or School Boards should acknowledge and support your authority to do so.

Again, if history has any wisdom to impart, consider the inaugural address of John Stuart Mill in 1867 at the University of St. Andrew who declared: “Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing. He is not a good man who, without a protest, allows wrong to be committed in his name, and with the means which he helps to supply, because he will not trouble himself to use his mind on the subject.”

Wake up America, our children need defended!

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