Netflix: People Quit Over Price Hike And Radical Leftist Agenda

 April 21, 2022

Netflix is in hot water with their stock taking a huge hit as people are quitting in droves. The reason? Netflix's continuing price hike and their far left leaning media. Many people are leaving due to the garbage programs that Netflix continues to produce, and the updated monthly cost isn't worth it.

Netflix's top executives have been backing campaigns of radical leftists for years and in return, people like the Obama's, have taken to partnering with the company. America has noticed. This is the hard earned money from American citizens, and by quitting, they are taking a stand against Netflix's woke agenda.

The content in entertainment has degraded so much over time, that what was considered Adult then, is being shown to our children now. Adults are just as impressionable as children, subliminal messaging has been sneaking through the television for far too long. Parent's are noticing these subversive messages now and won't allow companies like Netflix to alter their thoughts anymore or steal our children’s innocence.

Let us go back to when entertainment and television had ethics on content. Let us go back to when they would not allow television to normalize this woke culture. If you want quality family entertainment, Netflix is not the place to find it.

If you go woke, you go broke!

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