Nationwide Sting Nets Arrested Of Nearly 140 Illegal Alien, Sex Offenders

 November 23, 2022

In a nationwide sting, across multiple states, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency revealed that

close to 140, convicted, illegal alien, sex offenders were arrested. Conducted from October 22 to November 4, the sting operation, saw ICE agents arrest 138 illegal aliens, who are convicted sex offenders, including those guilty of rape. A number of the illegal alien sex offenders were arrested in sanctuary states or cities.

Twenty-one of the illegal alien sex offenders, for example, were arrested in the sanctuary city of Los Angeles, California. Fifteen more were arrested in the sanctuary city of San Francisco, California. An additional five, were arrested in the sanctuary city of Seattle, Washington.

In the sanctuary state of New York, a handful more were arrested, including a 44-year-old illegal alien, convicted of second-degree rape, and promoting prostitution in September 2017. Additionally, another 42-year-old illegal alien, that was arrested in New York, had been convicted of first-degree rape in April 2002.

According to Fox News-

“The agency, gave a lengthy list of those arrested by agents in the operations. They include a 65-year-old Mexican convicted of continuous sex abuse of a child in March this year, a Guatemalan arrested in Chicago who had a conviction for predatory criminal sexual assault of a minor, and a 49-year-old Cameroon national convicted of sexual abuse in June.”…and

“Additionally, agents arrested a Bolivian in New York with a conviction of first-degree rape, a Mexican in Texas with a conviction for aggravated sexual assault of a child, and a Nicaraguan in California with convictions for assault with intent to rape, second-degree robbery and rape with force/violence/fear of bodily injury”

-Fox News

A testimony to the Biden administrations’ failure to act, the latest ICE sting operation, comes after the agency arrested a mere 175 illegal alien convicts, many of whom had been arrested for drunk driving, and some of whom killed American citizens. President Joe Biden’s administration, has drastically cut interior immigration enforcement, resulting in a nearly 50 percent drop in arrests of illegal aliens, with a 62 percent drop in deportations of illegal alien convicts.

While the sting operation, nabbed many criminal illegal aliens, in May, former Acting ICE Director, Thomas Homan said  that, Biden is effectively deporting one illegal alien, for every 100 illegal aliens, arriving at the United States-Mexico border, according to Breitbart News. This is a token of the lawless evil, that has been freely permitted to invade our southern border. That neither Biden, nor Harris has been to the border personally, to see what is actively going on there, that they are allowing, is bad enough, but to tie the hands of ICE in capturing and deporting these criminals is reprehensible.

In the next congress, legislation will need to be enacted, to give teeth with clear direction, to ICE, reinforcing this nations’ borders. Criminals floating into America, and perpetrating illegal activities, has gotten to such a critical mass that, without forcing Biden’s hand, we may never again see a secure southern border. Where is the protection of Americas sovereignty, our freedoms and our liberties? This nation needs immigration reform – now!

“There is no greater threat to a free and democratic nation than a government that fails to protect its citizen’s freedom and liberty as aggressively as it pursues justice.”

-Bernard B. Kerik,
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