Nationwide Formula Shortage Worsening, Low-Income Families Hit Hardest

As the ongoing shortage of infant formula shortage gets critical, low-income families and those with children with special needs are suffering the suffering most. The shortage is keeps getting worse, especially in the south and southwest United States. This data is based on sales at stores, club stores and pharmacies, grocery stores, and represents 80 percent of current formula sales.

According to the Wall Street Journal, having obtained data from the research firm IRI it was reported that:

Nationally, 23 percent of powdered baby formula was out of stock in the week ended May 22, compared with 21 percent during the previous week, according to the latest figures from market-research firm IRI. In the first week of January and before the recall of formula produced by Abbott Laboratories, 11 percent of powdered baby formula was out of stock because of pandemic-related supply-chain shortages and inflation. Before the pandemic, the normal out-of-stock range for powdered formula was 5 percent to 7 percent, according to IRI.

Wall Street Journal

As of 2019, almost 1.6 million infants were eligible for Women Infant & Children (WIC ) a program is designed to provide formula at no cost to families, making the federal government the largest purchaser of infant formula. According to the White House about half of infant formula nationwide is purchased by participants using WIC benefits.

Additionally, more than 50 percent of infants born in Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama and Louisiana received WIC benefits as of 2019. Currently these states have been hit hard, as regions suffering with finding / securing formula for their infants. Facing the worst shortages reportedly, are Kansas, Georgia, Texas, Montana and Tennessee.

Families with special needs children, whose children become critically ill without the formula  recommended / or even ordered by their pediatrician are frustrated to the point of “anger”.

What is the Biden administration doing about this time critical national emergency? How long will it take to get supplies back on the shelves? Why are we not hearing the focus on America’s most vulnerable citizens – its infant and children? There are many questions, demanding answers.

As a nation, we are more concerned with buying oil and supplies from our enemies, sending financial help out of the country that few of U.S. citizenry can afford, while illegal immigrants over ,and at the border, have plenty of supplies while America’s children go without – to the point of hospitalization. Where is Joe Biden when families are traveling the country with sky high gas prices seeking infant formula?

The Biden administration has a lot to answer for, as the infant formal shortage reaches critical mass. Is there no relief in sight for America’s families? Many are the short-sided people with their unthinking answers to these parents  and their dilemma’s. This is not a matter of simple choice.

Not all mothers are capable of breastfeeding. There are absolutely many reasons for why these children require formula, some even specialized blends. Americans needs to pressure their legislators and in turn the White House – to get Joe up from his long nap and get some measure of relief to these families. He also needs to NEVER let this happen again. This neglect at home needs to stop.


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