Nancy Pelosi Claims Government Spending Is Reducing the National Debt

 March 16, 2022

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made some pretty outrageous claims in the past, but this one might just take the cake. In a recent interview, Pelosi argued that increased government spending is actually reducing the national debt.

Not only is this claim delusional, it's also not supported by any evidence. In fact, the exact opposite is true - government spending is causing inflation to skyrocket, and it's only going to get worse if Pelosi and her colleagues continue down this path.

If the current administration really wants to reduce the national debt, they should start by reigning in government spending. It’s clear however that they have no intention of doing that. Again, the American people will continue to suffer the consequences.

Pelosi is not alone in her delusional thought processes. There are plenty of other politicians who believe government spending is the answer to all of our problems. The reality is that we're only digging ourselves deeper into a hole. To get the US fiscal house in order, we need to start by reducing government spending and rediscovering the word “accountability”.

Americans need to demand economic responsibility from elected officials. Otherwise, the United States is a road to ruin.

Pelosi's claim is just another example of why government spending must be reduced. We can no longer afford to keep throwing money down the drain in search of environmental Nirvana. Pelosi and her ilk may not realize it, but the American people are wise to their games. It's time to take the nation back from the spendthrift politicians who have bankrupted it.

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