Mount Washington, NH, Hits 89-Year Low of -47 Degrees And Windchill Breaks U.S. Record

 February 6, 2023

At Mount Washington Observatory, in New Hampshire , temperatures approached an all-time low Friday into Saturday morning.  Reportedly this cold snap, set a new wind-chill record for the United States, hitting levels feeling as low as -109 degrees.

According to a National Weather Service Eastern Region (NWS) screenshot of the Mount Washington Observatory, real-time summit conditions, as of 9:58 p.m. on Friday, wind-chills were -108 degrees Fahrenheit, and gusts were howling at 110 miles per hour. Saturday, the NBC Connecticut reported that, the temperature at this time was -45.8 degrees with wind-chills setting a new national record low, reaching -109 degrees Fahrenheit at one point.

In a tweet, The NWS Eastern Region, noted that the “coldest temperature ever recorded” at the observatory had been -47 degrees in 1934, since it began tracking meteorological conditions in 1933. It also reported that the lowest ever recorded temperature at Mount Washington, as well as in the state of New Hampshire, was -50 degrees in 1885, prior to the observatory’s establishment. Effectively, Saturday morning’s low temperature at Mount Washington had reached the observatory’s all-time recorded low of -47 degrees.

Francis Tarasiewicz, a Mount Washington Observer told WGME, that the 127 miles per hour wind gusts at one-point Friday, caused a damaged door at the observatory to swing open and that “it took about three people to prop themselves up against [the door]” to keep it closed until it could be repaired. Tarasiewcz told NECN-

“There is half of me that loves what is going on right now, and the other half of me is pretty terrified, especially when the door fails,”

-Francis Tarasiewicz, a Mount Washington Observer

According to a Weather Channel report, Americans are experiencing frigid conditions, across the United States, with single-digit temperatures documented in much of the Rust Belt on Saturday morning. In parts of the Northeast, temperatures have fallen below zero.

"Many human beings say that they enjoy the winter, but what they really enjoy is feeling proof against it."

-Richard Adams
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