MLB Star Steve Garvey Running For Senate As A Republican

 October 10, 2023

Baseball star Steve Garvey has thrown his hat into the political ring, running a "common sense" campaign as a Republican for California's Senate seat in 2024.

In a surprising move, Steve Garvey, a former Major League Baseball player, has announced his intention to run for the Senate in California according to a report from the Washington Examiner.

Garvey's illustrious baseball career

Steve Garvey is no stranger to the limelight. With a 19-season career in Major League Baseball, he played for both the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres. His achievements on the field are numerous. Notably, he won the National League MVP while with the Dodgers in 1974. Furthermore, Garvey holds the National League record for the most consecutive games played, a staggering 1,207 games. This impressive streak came to an end in 1983 due to an injury.

Garvey's passion for baseball is evident. He once remarked, “I never played for Democrats or Republicans or independents. I played for all of you." At 74, he's now looking to serve the people in a different capacity.

Challenging political landscape

Garvey's decision to run for the Senate comes at a challenging time. He aims to fill the seat left vacant by the late Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who passed away at the age of 90. Feinstein was the longest-serving female senator. The political landscape in California has been predominantly Democratic. In fact, a Republican hasn't been elected to the Senate from California in over three decades.

Despite these challenges, Garvey remains optimistic. He stated, “I'm running for the U.S. Senate in California. A state that I believe at one time was the heartbeat of America. And now it's just a murmur. It’s time to get off the bench. It’s time to put the uniform on. It’s time to get back in the game."

Competition in the race

The race for the Senate seat is shaping up to be a crowded one. High-profile Democrats such as Reps. Katie Porter, Adam Schiff, and Barbara Lee have thrown their hats into the ring. Additionally, former tech executive Lexi Reese announced her candidacy earlier this year.

On the Republican side, Garvey is not alone. Republican attorney and businessman Eric Early, who ran for attorney general in both 2022 and 2018 without success, is also vying for the seat. Several other candidates from both parties, with varying degrees of statewide recognition, have also filed for candidacy.

Reactions to Garvey's announcement

The reactions to Garvey's Senate bid have been mixed. Adam Schiff, a Democratic representative, commented on the announcement. He said:

“I have a new Republican opponent – Steve Garvey. Before he was a multi-millionaire Republican celebrity, he was a first baseman. Based on his announcement, it sounds like he’s ready to take up the fight for everyone born on third base — thinking they hit a triple. Go figure.”

It's clear that the race for the Senate seat will be a heated one, with candidates from both sides of the aisle bringing their unique perspectives and backgrounds to the table.

Current Senate dynamics

The current dynamics in the Senate are also worth noting. After the passing of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Gov. Gavin Newsom selected Sen. Laphonza Butler, a former adviser to Vice President Kamala Harris and president of EMILY's List, to fill the vacant seat. Butler was sworn in as California's newest senator just last week. It remains to be seen whether she will run for re-election next year.

In conclusion:
- Steve Garvey, a former MLB star, is running for the Senate in California as a Republican.
- He faces stiff competition from both Democrats and Republicans.
- The political landscape in California has been predominantly Democratic for decades.
- Reactions to Garvey's announcement have been mixed, with some questioning his motivations and qualifications.

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