Metro Nashville Board Of Education Member Wishes To Set Marsha Blackburn On Fire

 March 31, 2022

At a recent meeting of the Metropolitan Nashville Board of Public Education, an unidentified board member was caught on tape saying that they wished they could set Sen. Marsha Blackburn on fire! Those remarks were sparked on the same day as Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson faced confirmation hearings for her nomination to the Supreme Court.

According to reports, Sen. Marsha Blackburn has been open about her questioning President Joe Biden’s pick for the Supreme Court. It looks like things are heating up. At the hearing, Jackson and Blackburn were going toe-toe, one of the discussion regarding the definition of 'women'.

Jackson retorts are ironic, since she has no problem talking about her place as one of the 'woman' on the Supreme court if she gets nominated.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) asked Jackson:

"Judge Jackson, if confirmed, you would become the sixth woman to ever serve on the Supreme Court. You would join Justices [Sonia] Sotomayor, [Elena] Kagan, and [Amy Coney] Barrett on the bench. This would be the nearest we have ever come to gender equity on the Supreme Court. There would be four women on a court with nine justices. … What are your thoughts on what it means for our country to have women serve in meaningful numbers on the federal bench, and in particular, what would it mean to have four women serving on the Supreme Court for the first time in history?"

Jackson responded:

"I think it’s extremely meaningful. … Since I was nominated to this position, I have received so many letters and photos from little girls around the country who tell me that they are so excited for this opportunity and that they thought about the law in new ways because I am a woman, because I am a black woman."

One thing that has been seen over the course of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson career, is that she cannot be trusted to uphold the constitution; from previous verdicts as a judge, she has been seen to make up her own laws to fit her narrative.

Read more about her judicial record regarding her lenient sentence to a registered sex offender here.

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