Leftists Celebrate Pat Robertson Death Across Social Media – Just As The Populist Crowd Celebrated Christs Crucifixion

 June 9, 2023

Like the stirred up populous crowd, witnessing the death of Christ some 2000 years ago, the left wasted little time, on Thursday, celebrating the passing of Christian TV Evangelist Pat Robertson. However, their celebration is pale in comparison to the reality of his own celebratory passage from death into life.

At 93-years-old, Robertson went home to be with the Savior he loved and stood for these many decades. The irony that escapes the left is, that like Christ, Pat is alive and well. And for that matter – the principles that he lived by, still exist and continue to survive despite the many vitriolic efforts of those who opposed him (and what he stood for) in life.

Robertson became an American staple in the nations’ living rooms for over half a century. He founded and hosted his “700 Club” television show for decades, standing for the biblical principles he lived by, and often pronouncing of God’s judgment, on a variety of topics. Through his tireless efforts, Robertson turned a tiny Virginia TV station into a global evangelical network, the Christian Broadcasting Network, (CBN). He reached millions across the globe with the message of Christ.

He also at one time, unsuccessfully sought the GOP presidential nomination, (1988) and largely helped make faith, a central focus of Republican Party politics in America. His Christian evangelical zeal and one-time political ambition, drew critics on the political left who celebrated on social media as soon as news of his death became public. Many, in fact, rejoiced at his death.

He was preceded in death by his wife, Dede, who was a founding board member of CBN. Robertson stepped down as host of the “700 Club”, after half a century in 2021. His son Gordon, at that point - took over the weekday show. Reportedly, the couple had four children, 14 grandchildren and 24 great-grandchildren. Moving forward, the Robertson’s legacy lives on now in their now absence and their global, evangelistic outreach, surpasses any possible count. May they enjoy their rest.

“The pinnacle of the fulfillment I can ever experience for my spirit and soul is to hear from the Lord, when I see Him face to face, 'Well done my good and faithful servant.'

-Nick Vujicic
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