LA County In People’s Republic Of California Ends Citizenship Requirement For Government Jobs

 August 2, 2022

California defies logic and has opened up government jobs there, to people that are in the United States illegally. Apparently, illegals can now work for Los Angeles County, with no requirement to provide proof of citizenship.

This state, if you can call it that, is now one large defiant teenager that has grown into a defiant adult. Neither caring what the U.S. Constitution stands for, or the fact that it places the needs of U.S. citizens below that of those in this country illegally, California has become infamous for making its own rules. California demonstrates anarchy at every turn.

Supervisors in Los Angeles County, voted unanimously last week, to allow non-citizens to work in government positions, provided the position does not conflict with state or federal law. To work for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, people will still be required to provide proof of citizenship.  

Aiming to better represent the “community” in city government, authors Chair Hilda l. Solis and Sheila Kuehl, the motion allegedly states-

“Los Angeles County is a community of immigrants from each corner of the world,” said Solis in a statement. “And while our County-government workforce reflects the community it represents, there is room for improvement. This motion seeks to make clear that the County, as one of the largest employers in the region, strives to be an inclusive and diverse workforce, and is committed to not excluding nor allowing citizenship to be a barrier to employment.”

-Motion Authors Chair Hilda l. Solis and Sheila Kuehl

According to Fox Business News, Solis noted an estimated 880,000 non-citizens (illegals) live in Los Angeles and the county’s Public Defender’s Office had received-

“applications from non-citizens who are otherwise allowed to practice law in California but are disqualified from the application process because of the citizenship requirement,”

-LA County Public Defender’s Office

Requiring citizenship as a criteria to work for the city government, is tantamount to discrimination based on “cultural, racial, ethnic, or religious characteristics.” Los Angeles County Public Defender Ricardo García said. He added-

“Barriers to employment based on cultural, racial, ethnic, or religious characteristics are contrary to our core values. Citizenship overlaps these demographic characteristics,” and “This motion, by Supervisors Solis and Kuehl, will promote equity in hiring and give the Public Defender’s Office access to the most qualified applicants for employment, irrespective of their citizenship status.” He continued-

“An immigrant’s experience will advance our vision, mission, and values to protect our clients’ legal and human rights and enable us to more readily realize my goal that our employees fully represent the demographics of the population that we serve,”

- Ricardo García, Los Angeles County Public Defender

Besides those seeking a free ride for healthcare, public assistance, and now abortion services, who is coming to California to settle down and raise a family? Illegal immigrants mainly. Now California is even promoting “community diversity” by allowing illegal immigrants the privilege of working in jobs, that would be otherwise held by U.S. Citizens.

California has literally gone off the deep end. The state as a whole, needs to be asked to leave the U.S. and lose their federal subsidies, protections as a state, and the U.S government needs to build a western border wall there as well. At some point, the place will be overrun with illegal migrants, who realize they too will be worked and taxed to death, and will do all they can to leave their infestation for better accommodations.

America is being largely diseased by this state, it’s representatives in Congress, and it’s in your face policies that defy the rights and privileges of being a part of these United States. Silver spooned, Gavin Newsom can use his money, along with the “fat cats” that live there, to figure out how best to pay for it all, without being a burden to the rest of the country.

California is currently is a vast Democratic wasteland. It is a beautiful place, but “pretty is as pretty does” a wise woman once said. America needs to see this place for what it is and consider that reform there seems highly unlikely at this point.

One astute blogger put it this way,

“California is hemorrhaging residents faster than any state. They are even losing congressional representation. Legal, working, productive are the ones leaving. All that will be left will be unionized gov't workers, illegals and Democrat politicians with nobody to tax and keep their Ponzi scheme alive.”

-LaBillyBoy, Breitbart Blogger

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”

-Frédéric Bastiat

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