L.A. Backs Off – Cancels “Universal Indoor Masking” As COVID Hospitalizations Fall

 July 29, 2022

Public health officials said Thursday, that Los Angeles County will not re-impose a mask mandate, as it had threatened to do, because coronavirus cases began to fall and the hospitalization rate fell below the threshold of ten cases per 100,000 residents,

As defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), beginning a two-week countdown to new mask mandates, the county reached the threshold for “high” community levels of COVID-19.

However, in a briefing Thursday, L.A. County public health director, Barbara Ferrer, said that cases had been declining for five days, since July 23, and that hospitalizations were also declining and she expects the decline to continue.

Ferrer indicated that due to the lag in CDC data, on local hospitalizations, officials decided to use local data, which was one day more recent. That data indicated a hospitalization rate of 9.7 per 100,000, which falls just below the stated threshold. She went on to explain-

“While we don’t yet know what CDC will post with their update today, including their most redact hospital admission data, … when we use the L.A. County data, we are moving from high community level to medium community level,”

- Barbara Ferrer, L.A. County Public Health Director

While Ferrer went on the say, that though the community’s designation would not be officially changed to “medium,” county officials were hopeful that the hospitalization rate would remain below the established threshold, and that the county had decided not to impose “universal indoor masking.”

Clearly with local businesses protesting loudly, and city governments in El Segundo, Beverly Hills, Long Beach, and Pasadena announcing that they would not comply, with any renewal of the mask mandates by the county, it made a

big impact, in the way that LA County was considering this situation. It’s far better to find a way around masking than to have anarchy in the affected city governments.

Never mind the studies that now question or have proven that masking alone is ineffective, or Dr. Fauci flip-flopping on the subject - as COVID cases drop, the CDC’s guidelines cannot impose further mandates on the America people. The mask happy bureaucrats just have to back down, and settle for less control, of the US population as a whole. It is great to see the pushback of these city governments, fighting for the freedoms of their citizens in this matter and that common sense, for once, won out.

One Blogger captured it-

“Exactly! Ferrer still needs to be fired. She was using a lousy study to pander to certain interest groups (a.k.a. Teacher's Union, etc.) and the lousy Board of Supervisors continues to kiss her @ss. Of course, If Governor Mindful would give up his Emergency Powers, she would have NO POWER... Yet, they continue the charade in CA. No one was gonna comply except those who are still under their Covid Spell. Still seeing people driving solo wearing masks in SoCal. It's brainwashing to the max. I loved a comment I heard today on KABC, John Phillips Show... A caller stated that he wanted to ask men who wore masks while riding solo in their cars, if they wore condoms when they were alone in bed... Hopefully, I reported that correctly. It's was the one-liner of the decade! LOL!”

-ConservativeCalifornian, Breitbard Blogger

And this says it all-

“Hospitalizations had nothing to do with it. Public outcry did. More outcry please.”

-WhiteBlueCollarRdNeck, Breitbart Blogger

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-Ronald Reagan
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