Just Hours After DC Indictment, Trump Crashes Wedding To Chants Of 'USA!'

 August 5, 2023

Just hours after being indicted in a Washington, D.C., courthouse, videos circulating on social media purportedly show former President Donald Trump, crashing a wedding at his New Jersey golf club to chants of "USA!"  Trump can be seen wearing what appears to be the same outfit he wore in the courthouse, minus the red tie. He walked down a staircase, to shake hands with members of a cheering and screaming crowd.

Reportedly, after a chant of "USA!" broke out, Trump could be seen having a private conversation with the bride and groom, before addressing the crowd via microphone. Trump said before the video was cut short-

"I heard so much about this couple,"…adding…"The bride is totally beautiful."

-Former President Donald Trump

On social media, Trump was praised by conservatives over the interaction. Benny Johnson a conservative commentator tweeted -

"The Machine has now thrown all it can at the man,"… "Yet, Trump is full of life."

- Benny Johnson, Twitter

And conservative commentator, Graham Allen also tweeted-

"The man doesn’t stop" …After being wrongfully acquitted today, President Trump crashed a wedding. The crowd went NUTS!!!!...“USA USA USA”!

-Graham Allen, Twitter

Still another conservative tweeted-

“What does Trump do after getting indicted for the millionth time? He brings joy to a wedding at his club.” …”The man, the myth, the legend.”…” This man has taken everything they could   throw at him and continues his day with a smile.” …”Listen to the “USA, USA” roaring from the party crowd!”

-Larry D. Jones Jr., Twitter

Just hours earlier in the day, Trump pleaded “not guilty ” in federal court, to all four federal charges stemming from Special Counsel Jack Smith's investigation into 2020 election interference and the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021.

What a great way to demonstrate his level of confidence, in seeing these charges overcome. And, what a great demonstration of Trumps connection with the American people.

It was a clear demonstration of Trumps solid focus on those who are just beginning their new lives together, and not be-laboring his own woes. The gesture was very honoring of this couple and down to earth, especially after his earlier ordeal of the day.

Amazingly, still wearing a smile, he shared the day with others. The smiling bride and roaring crowd really said it all. Truly – “the man, the myth and the legend”.

“As long as we have faith in each other, and trust in God, then there is no goal, at all, beyond our reach. There is no dream too large, no task too great.”

-Donald Trump
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