Judge Orders Names Of 3 People Who Backed George Santos' $500K Bond To Be Unsealed

 June 21, 2023

Rep. George Santos who was referred recently to the House Ethics Committee, has been deliberately trying to protect the identities of his bond suretors, saying he’d rather “go to jail” before doing so. After House members saw him indicted for his myriad of election fraud issues, requesting him to resign, Santos was able to keep from jail by providing individuals who put up his bond. Santos has been adamant that their identities stay sealed. Tuesday he was dealt a blow in that regard due to a court order.

Thursday, Long Island U.S. District Court Judge Joanna Seybert ruled that the identities of indicted Republican Rep. George Santos' bond suretors will be unsealed Thursday, unless the indicted freshman congressman seeks to change the terms of his release. Judge Seybert, in siding with several media outlets, seeking to have the names become public, ordered that-

 "all previously sealed documents, including the bond, are to be unsealed to the extent that the names of defendant’s suretors are to be disclosed."... "It is further ordered that the aforementioned documents shall be kept under seal until Thursday, 22 June at 12 p.m., during which time defendant may move to modify the conditions of his release, should the suretors seek to withdraw from serving as suretors,"

- Long Island U.S. District Court Judge Joanna Seybert

Santos’ attorney Joseph Murray, in a letter to the judge earlier this month, said the congressman would agree to the disclosure that there is a "family" relationship between the Republican and those who signed his bond. Santos wants to protect the family members’ identities as he fights criminal charges.

In his letter to Seybert, the attorney repeatedly decried the "media frenzy" that has surrounded the criminal case, saying that three individuals lined up to cosign Santos’ bond "grew very fearful and concerned" on May 10 and one of them had a "change of heart and backed out."

Murray also said Santos has faced "hateful attacks" since his arrest, and has been confronted with individuals who were "extremely angry, anti-gay, anti-Republican and all around anti-social." Murray told the court earlier this month that he, Santos and Santos’ staff have been receiving threatening and harassing calls and messages, including death threats.

First to seek the court to unseal the names, New York Times attorney argued that, the First Amendment required public access to the identities of those who signed the bond and that signing of the bond presents an obvious opportunity for political influence.

It would seem that Representative Santos could resolve this by stepping down from office, but that appears unlikely. His story will now be played out in a court of law. He may also be forced from office by what appears to be a likely conviction based on the charges, the evidence that is already in play, and Santos’s attitude of general arrogance, demonstrating a marked disregard for the charges levied against him.

“The truth does not require a majority to prevail, ladies and gentlemen. The truth is its own power. The truth will out. Never forget that.

-Rush Limbaugh
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