Joe Biden’s Poland Gaff – Yet Another Mess, Adding France & Germany to White House Clean-up Crew.

President Joe Biden’s whose approval ratings here at home are tanking at 26%, again “stepped in it” by calling for a regime change in Russia as he spoke in his recent appearance in Poland. Both France and Germany were openly concerned that his comments could escalate war tensions with NATO and provide a reason for Russian President Vladimir Putin to double down on his invasion forces. The result was that Biden sent both heads of state scrambling to clean up his mess.

The White House immediately retracted his comments while France and Germany were quick to play down Biden’s statements.  World leaders felt the need to respond to Biden’s words, suggesting they “could make it harder to resolve the conflict” in the Ukraine. Literally, where Biden speaks a clean-up crew follows!

French President Emanuel Macron openly indicated his concern that Biden’s remarks could embolden Putin, escalating the Ukrainian war. Urging caution from the U.S. he added “I wouldn’t use those terms, because I continue to speak to President Putin, because what do we want to do collectively?” Macron effectively winds up distancing himself from Biden’s comments while diffusing them at the same time.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz also commented on Biden’s statements fearing an emboldened Putin’s aggression toward Ukraine. In reference to a potential escalation, he stated that “We both agree completely that regime change is not an object and aim of policy that we pursue together”. Both heads of state effectively joined Biden’s clean-up crew with an emphasis on distancing themselves from his inflammatory comments.

Other recent statements included were -  telling the 82nd Airborne Division in Poland that they may be deployed to Ukraine-contradicting his own promise not to send Americans into harms way to defend Ukrainian borders and at a news conference in Brussels, Biden promised he would respond “in kind” if Putin deployed chemical weapons against Ukrainians - effectively threatening the US use of chemical weapons against Russia. Biden seems to have gone “way out there” and the White House can’t back-pedal or clean-up fast enough.

Like the old saying “Loose lips sink ships” – someone needs to get between Biden and the real world before he drags America and its Allies into World War III.

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