Jim Jordan Says Bombshell Letter From Biden To Archer Proves 'Connections' To Hunter’s Business Dealings

 August 7, 2023

Rep. Jim Jordan, House Judiciary Committee Chairman, said regarding a bombshell 2011 note from then-Vice President Joe Biden, to his son's then-business partner, Devon Archer, that it serves as solid proof, that the current president has not been truthful in his denials on the matter. Jordan has rejected Joe Biden's claims, that brief niceties were simply trivial exchanges, exist as proof of 'access'.

On Thursday, with “The Story’s anchor, Martha MacCallum read from the note, reportedly obtained by the New York Post. In the note, written on official letterhead, Joe Biden said that he regretted being unable to speak with Archer, at an event where he was hosting then-Chinese President Hu Jintao. Then Vice-President Biden wrote and personally signed-

"I apologize for not getting a chance to talk to you at the luncheon yesterday. I was having trouble getting away from hosting President Hu. I hope I get a chance to see you again soon with Hunter. I hope you enjoyed lunch. Thanks for coming,"

-Vice President Note To Devon Archer

Included a handwritten footnote, Biden had written - "Happy you guys are together," at the bottom of the letter. The note was addressed to an address on Wisconsin Avenue, in the Georgetown area of Washington, D.C., where Hunter's and Archer's joint venture was located.  

Reportedly, Hunter Biden and Archer were, at the time, trying to put together a business that dealt with government regulatory measures. They were also working to create a private equity fund.

Referring to the letter, Jordan said that it is just the latest piece of evidence, that the current president did indeed have knowledge of and "connections" with his son's dealings. Jordan said.

"Remember, two and a half years ago, we had a former business partner, [Tony] Bobulinski, say that the email from the laptop … said ‘10% for the big guy,’" …"He says, ‘the big guy is Joe Biden.’ We have the piece of evidence you just talked about there – this note from 2011. We have the WhatsApp messages."

-Rep. Jim Jordan, House Judiciary Committee Chairman

According to Jordan, Archer testified in last week's closed-door congressional interview that Hunter Biden's value in his business dealings was the Biden "brand." He in fact also testified that the senior Biden was involved in more that 20 phone calls related to their business dealings, adding without the Biden “brand “, which Joe provided, some aspects of their business dealings could not have survived.

Reportedly, reaction from Democrats, post-Archer interview, said Archer testified that he and Joe Biden only talked about the weather and other niceties when he was put on speakerphone. In the interview transcript, however, Archer disclosed that such discussions about trivial things, like the weather were "signal enough to be powerful".

Reiterating that the purpose of Joe Biden's momentary interactions was to prove he was quickly accessible to Hunter, Jordan, in his comments noted-

"Of course,". "The whole idea was [to] get the vice president of the United States on the phone talking with clients and people we're doing business with. Well, of course, they're not going to talk about business. That wasn't what was needed."

"What was needed is, ‘Oh, I can get my dad on the phone – who happens to be vice president of the most important country in history, who has a lot of influence in D.C – Hey, everyone, do you want to say hello to the vice president?’"

-Rep. Jim Jordan, House Judiciary Committee Chairman

He also cited the now-president's own recounting, in an open on camera interview, how he pressured the Ukraine into firing a Ukrainian prosecutor, who had been investigating an energy company for which Hunter sat on the board. He bragged that he was able to use the leverage of one billion dollars to do so.

Reportedly, President Biden was paid the sum of $5 million, by an executive of the Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings, where Hunter was a member of the board, according to a confidential human source who spoke to the FBI during a June 2020 interview.

“A lie is like a snowball; it starts off small and then grows and grows until a point where it gets so big it falls apart and then the truth is discovered.”

-Chris Hughes,
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