Jill Biden Declares Joe Is Ready to Run, Need to Figure Out Time and Place

 February 25, 2023

According to First lady Jill Biden, who told the Associated Press, on Friday, that President Joe Biden is going to run for a second term. She reiterated that the president would run for another term in office and that there’s “pretty much” nothing else to do besides figure out a time and place to make the announcement.

Reportedly she said-

“How many times does he have to say it for you to believe it?” …“He says he’s not done. He’s not finished what he’s started. And that’s what’s important.”

-First Lady Jill Biden

While brushing off questions from the interview, as if she was deciding whether he would run again, the

Associated Press noted that Jill was a key figure in the president’s decision. She then added-

“Because I’m his wife,” …“Of course he’ll listen to me, because we’re a married couple” adding “He makes up his own mind, believe me.””

-First Lady Jill Biden

In January, it was reported that Biden was getting close to announcing his intentions to run for re-election, following his family vacation, which would have given him a chance to speak to his family. Now aides to the president have been saying, that he would likely make his announcement after the first fundraising quarter ends in April.

The president, who would be 86-years-old at the end of a second term, has yet to make an official announcement of his intentions to run for reelection. According to Breitbart News, he has been setting up the infrastructure to do so behind the scenes.

Reportedly, a Rasmussen Report survey from January indicated that only 33 percent of likely voters in the United States, want to see Biden run for a second term in 2024. Over half of the poll respondents said they did not want him to run for a second term as president. Apparently, Jill nor Joe pays any attention to what a majority of Americans want.

When Jill Biden takes the reigns with the press – there is no surprise there. She, as his wife, would seem to be his prime handler. Further, it would seem that the millions made through her son and husbands seeming political pandering, while she has been the VP’s wife and now First Lady, are not enough for her.

She likely wants to keep the power of his office going. Who knows who they (the Biden family) or she owes in favors at this point. Hopefully, Congress will get to the bottom of this very question and the truth will prevail sooner than later.

“The truth does not require a majority to prevail, ladies and gentlemen. The truth is its own power. The truth will out. Never forget that.”

-Rush Limbaugh
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