Infant Formula Shortage Peaks With America’s Children Facing Hospitalization. Biden’s Poor Response Prolongs Suffering

Because of the ongoing shortage of infant formula, more American children are succumbing to hospitalization. Now officials in Georgia are reporting that children with medical conditions are being hospitalized at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, because their parents/caregivers could not find the food their infants need. These hospitalizations come as the infant formula shortage has reached new heights, with parents desperately scouring stores for formula, and continuing to face empty shelves or a severely limited supply.

This is a third-world problem, right here in our own back yard – unbelievable!

According to the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“A spokesperson for Children’s said Thursday all the children hospitalized had specific dietary needs and any changes to their formula needed to be carefully monitored to make they could be well tolerated. It can be a long, complicated process to find a substitution that meets the children’s nutritional needs, and then make sure the new formula won’t trigger any negative and potentially dangerous reactions, such as dehydration or diarrhea.”

Though it is not known how many children have been actually hospitalized, the occurrences have been linked to earlier in February, when a formula plant was closed, and then more recently as a result of the infant formula shortage itself. Reportedly, these hospitalizations included babies and older children, that have since been discharged.

This is a national travesty of epic proportion and a continuing example of the Biden Administration scrambling to play catch up, while the formula stock at the border and into Mexico is said to be plentiful.

The White House finally, this week, took measures to restart Abbott’s Nutrition’s formula plant in Michigan, the largest in the U.S., which has been closed since February, the result of contamination problems. Wednesday, invoking the Defense Production Act, requiring direct suppliers of infant formula ingredients to prioritize delivery to manufacturers, President Biden made some small headway in fixing this nightmare for American parents. However, even when production is fully restored, Abbott has estimated it could take at least two months for the supply to return to stores. I guess America’s parents and children have a way to go before they see any real relief.

Where has the White House and Rip Van Winkle been, while American children struggle to survive and parents spend money they don’t have to travel everywhere to find resources to feed them? This is a national crisis that need not have been. I’ll bet no one in Joes family is going without food or nutritional support. For that matter, the lowest of the White House staff likely are well fed too. Unthinkable.

In the same article by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Dr. Stephen Thacker, a pediatric infectious disease specialist and associate chief medical officer at Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia, emphasized:

“This is certainly a challenging time for many parents. It’s important for families to know that most children can safely switch to other formulas without any risk of harm. If your child needs a specialty formula, speak with your doctor to make sure you have a plan for your child should there be no more local supply.”

– Dr. Stephen Thacker, MD

In a caution to parent/caregivers, Dr. Hugo Scornik, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Georgia chapter, warned parents not to water down formula, give them cow’s milk or try to make their own recipes found online. This statement only emphasizes the dilemma for parents, in that finding formula substitutions is not easy and can even prove dangerous, especially for those children with special needs.

Again, this debacle could have and should have been avoided. If the Biden administration cared so little for America’s children that they allowed this shortage to emerge, while they have been preoccupied with supplies to those crossing our southern borders illegally, what is next? Well, at least they are openly consistent.

A nation that cares so little for the welfare of its most vulnerable, will die sacrificing its next generation. Sounds eerily like what the pro-choice movement is already doing, also supported by the Biden administration. In both cases, babies can struggle and die. The breathing citizens can struggle to be fed, while those who have not yet breathed on their own can die for the convenience of others. What has America become? As a nation, to allow those such as Joe Biden and his ilk to promote this kind of deliberate careless disregard for the lives of America’s children, we will reap the consequences. Tacit consent, is still consent.

“Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.”

-Galatians 6:7


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