Indiana Bar Scrambling To Backtrack On Trans-Bud-Light Move As Financial Loss Hits Home

 April 30, 2023

A Bloomington, Indiana bar is posting desperate statements, indicating they need their clientele to return after telling patrons boycotting Bud Light to pay their bill and leave. What were they thinking – there would be no financial consequence?

The Fairfax Bar & Grill’s, has released several statements backtracking its swift dismissal of its patrons. This is after telling any potentially vocal patrons, who disagree with Bud Light making a trans-woman it’s spokesperson, to take a hike. Their latest statement, is one of three that has posted in the past couple weeks. They are now indicating that they are desperate to find the right messaging on the subject since they’ve been bleeding clientele and revenue.

The messaging has developed over time to represent – defensively explaining, capitulating and now being even conciliatory. Where the first public statement denounced those participating in the backlash, the subsequent messages opted for an increasingly softer position with less resistance, to the last one admitting the establishment values all patrons, emphasizing that it had lost clientele and needed some back. Money does talk.

The restaurant, earlier this month had taken a stand for trans-woman, Dylan Mulvaney, who partnered with Anheuser-Busch to market Bud Light. After the move there was a conservative wildfire-like boycott, that raged against the beer brand. Consumers, outraged that Bud Light would seemingly abandon its brand identity by using woke figures to promote its beer, lashed out in an impactful boycott that sent Anheuser-Busch’s market value plummeting as well as its sales.

McKinley Minniefield, the restaurant owner, justified the declaration, claiming-

 "We were just dealing with a lot of hate speech, and people being uncomfortable. My bartenders were aggravated and we had customers that were leaving."

- McKinley Minniefield, Owner, The Fairfax Bar & Grill, Bloomington, Indiana

However, this past week, the restaurant indicated after warding off uncooperative customers and seeking new ones, in a since-deleted statement, that it was hurting financially. The restaurant also later admitted-

"With the departure of some of our regulars, we have needed new clientele, and you have answered. I'm not gonna lie, we still need more of you right now."

-The Fairfax Bar & Grill, Bloomington, Indiana

Then, on Thursday night, the bar posted yet another, more conciliatory message that seemed to be welcoming people with different viewpoints on the Bud Light issue, provided they were civil.  The substantial post added-

"We do not and will not censor opinions, but we do require civility in this establishment. So if you can’t play nice, then get out of the sandbox. That goes for everyone! Let’s remember why we even gather at a bar – to enjoy each other’s company – and raise a glass to civility."

The Fairfax Bar & Grill, Bloomington, Indiana

“Watch your mouth: The language we use creates the reality we experience.”

-Michael Hyatt
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