Hunter Biden's Lawyer Used Joe Biden's Position To Discourage SEC Investigation Into Hunter Biden

 June 18, 2024

The House Oversight and Judiciary Committees have intensively requested the Securities and Exchange Commission to unveil detailed information concerning their investigation into Hunter Biden and his business affiliates related to a tribal bond scheme as reported by Breitbart.

Concerns have been raised about Hunter Biden potentially using his father's influence as vice president during this probe.

The entire controversy began in early 2016 when Hunter Biden and his business associate, Devon Archer, were implicated in illicit business practices through their company, Rosemont Seneca Bohai.

Documents from an ongoing impeachment inquiry suggest that both Biden and Archer allegedly utilized pretenses regarding their roles at RSB to lucratively benefit from foreign transactions.

SEC Subpoenas and the Bid for Confidentiality

In March 2016, the SEC issued subpoenas to Archer and related entities including RSB, marking a substantive step in the investigation into these questionable financial transactions. Merely two days after Archer's subpoena, Hunter Biden himself was also summoned to provide documents related to his role in RSB.

Following these developments, Hunter's legal team vehemently requested the SEC to maintain strict confidentiality regarding the investigation, highlighting the potential reputational damage to Joe Biden, who was then the vice president of the United States.

The request for secrecy was emphasized in a letter where Hunter Biden’s counsel articulated the necessity for discretion, arguing that public knowledge of the investigation would be "unfair" to both Hunter and his father. The plea underscored the sensitive nature of the probe, which not only threatened to scandalize the Biden family but also posed risks of political repercussions.

Despite the intense scrutiny and legal maneuvers, the SEC, in May 2016, charged seven individuals in connection to the tribal bond scheme, although Hunter Biden was not among those charged. This outcome raised additional questions about the veracity of the involvement of the Biden family in these complex financial networks.

The lack of immediate charges against Hunter did not deter House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer and Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan from delving deeper into the matter. Both chairs demanded that the SEC release all pertinent details about the investigations involving Hunter Biden and his associates.

The primary concern cited was the potential misuse of Joe Biden’s influence to protect Hunter's private financial dealings from public and legal scrutiny.

This push for transparency by the committees underscores a broader legislative effort to untangle the web of Hunter Biden's overseas business ventures. They argue a need to understand fully how Hunter's role at RSB, supported perhaps by his father’s positional power, could have facilitated these international deals.

As the impeachment inquiry progressed, documents laid bare the financial transactions involving Joe Biden during and after his vice presidency, with transfers linked to RSB and dealings that involved several family members. The House Republicans have presented evidence suggesting that these operations might have leveraged the senior Biden's political influence.

Criminal Allegations and Continuing Investigations

Recently in June 2024, as more inquiries unfold, the House committees have referred criminal allegations against Hunter Biden for making false statements related to his involvement with RSB.

This move signifies a critical turn in the investigation, highlighting the potential legal and ethical breaches involved in these complex financial dealings.

The dimensions of this case continue to expand as more layers of the business engagements of Hunter Biden are scrutinized. With significant political implications hanging in the balance, the outcome of these investigations might profoundly influence public trust in governmental transparency and ethical governance.

To conclude, the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees remain steadfast in their quest for clarity amidst these complex allegations against Hunter Biden. By pressing the SEC for comprehensive disclosures, they aim to untangle the intricate financial dealings that potentially implicate the Biden family, ensuring accountability and upholding the integrity of American political and financial systems.

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