Hunter Biden To Plead Guilty In Plea Bargain Deal

 June 20, 2023

As reported today, Hunter Biden, 53, son of President Joe Biden, has agreed to plead guilty to one violation of gun laws and two federal tax violation charges. Biden reportedly, in the deal he made with prosecutors, plans to plead guilty to willful failure to pay federal income tax, most likely on his foreign earnings. He also plans to enter a guilty plea into a “pretrial diversion program” regarding his gun crime. This plan indicates that he will likely face no jail time.

During the Obama administration, Biden’s dubious business exploits came to light. This occurred after he was discharged from the Navy for drug use. Reportedly he immediately found employment on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma. The circumstances surrounding his involvement there, have recently continued to build.

Given that his father, was then-Vice President Joe Biden, reporters briefly questioned the White House at the time about Hunter Biden’s role. This is largely because Joe Biden had been placed in charge of Ukraine policy, under President Barack Obama. When State Department officials complained about the conflict of interest, they were told that the Vice President was grieving for his other son, Beau Biden, who had died after a battle with brain cancer. Essentially they were seemingly pressed into silence. The matter was never resolved and the scandals involving Hunter as earlier stated, continue to develop to date.

After, President Donald Trump raised the question of Hunter Biden’s role with then-newly-installed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in 2019, House Democrats reaction was to impeach Trump over a phone call. Vindicated by the discovery and publication, in 2020, of a laptop apparently belonging to Hunter Biden, Trump’s concerns were brought center stage. Reportedly the “laptop from hell” contained emails and other records documenting the younger Biden and other members of the Biden family in business interests.

Just before the 2020 elections, the mainstream media and Silicon Valley social media companies, suppressed and censored the story, by falsified documentation put forth by prominent intelligence figures, recently revealed by a whistleblower. This ruse created the false impression that it was Russian propaganda, significantly affecting the possible outcome of the elections.

After the election, Hunter Biden admitted that he had been under investigation for tax violations, but the Bidens themselves continued to deny claims of corruption. Congress, just now is getting to the matter and hopefully the American public will be afforded the truth in the days to come.

Pointing out, that Hunter Biden had likely lied on a federal gun purchase form, critics have claimed, he lied about about his addiction to drugs, which would have precluded him from obtaining a firearm. The topic continued to  surfaced periodically, as President Biden and his progressive administration have vowed to take-action on gun control measures.

Bidens plea deal will likely involve him admitting to misdemeanor charges that will keep him out of jail. This is also a way, for Hunter to avoid the publicity that a trial would create for his father. The President could then pardon his son at any point, which would help him avoid any criminal consequences. Time will tell.

The real truth is still to be brought out with regard to Hunter and the Biden family. The purported corruption there, continues to unwind before the House Oversight Committee. America will be waiting on them, at this point for real answers. That Hunter has decided to finally come to the table on these few accusations, is just the tip of the iceberg. When the real corruption is finally brought to light – it will likely blow these seemingly important charges, completely out of the proverbial water. Stay tuned America.

“When you stretch the truth, watch out for the snapback.”

-Bill Copeland
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