House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Tests Positive For COVID-19

 April 7, 2022

Nancy Pelosi announced Thursday that she tested positive for COVID-19. This announcement comes after spending time over the last 24 hours in proximity to: President Biden, The Senate Majority leader and other Congressional members.

Pelosi lectures Americans day in and day out about how important it is to wear a mask yet she was photographed not wearing one while standing next to Biden.

Conveniently this happened after the US House recently decided to drop its own mask mandates.

If anyone should be setting an example, it's Nancy Pelosi and those pushing for mask mandates on Americans . Its hard to expect much from her considering she's part of the party that has been dragging its feet on passing any sort of relief bill for Americans during the pandemic.

It's just another example of the deep blue hypocrisy we see from these politicians. They're quick to lecture us on what we should be doing but they don't always practice what they preach. Nancy Pelosi is just the latest example of this. Let's hope that maybe this will be a wake-up call for her to start following her own advice.

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