Hollywood Magnate Barry Diller Withdraws Support For Biden In Effort To Get Him Replaced

 July 5, 2024

In a surprising move, Hollywood heavyweight Barry Diller has rescinded his support for President Joe Biden following a disappointing debate performance.

Breitbart reported that Diller, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry and former head of Paramount and 20th Century Fox, has been a staunch supporter and significant donor to the Democratic Party. However, his recent decision comes amidst a wavering confidence in Biden’s leadership within the arts community.

This decision was confirmed when Diller responded with a curt "No" to inquiries from The Ankler about his continued support for Biden.

Diller's disenchantment is not isolated. His withdrawal follows contributions totaling $106,600 to Biden's campaign efforts in 2023, which included a substantial $100,000 to a joint super PAC.

This move signals a significant shift in political allegiances as the Democratic convention draws near.

Increasing Pressure on Biden From Entertainment Leaders

Notably, Diller is not alone in his reconsideration of support. Other key figures in the entertainment industry, such as Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel, Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings, and 'Lost' creator Damon Lindelof, have urged Biden to forego a re-election bid. Their collective stance underscores a growing rift within Democratic ranks concerning Biden’s fitness for a consecutive term.

A recent CBS News poll starkly illustrates this sentiment, recording a nine-point increase since February in voters who believe Biden should not run again, pushing this figure to an alarming 72%. The spotlight on these figures raises questions about the broader implications for Democratic unity as critical elections approach.

Despite the mounting calls for his withdrawal, Biden remains steadfast. He has publicly stated his determination to perpetuate his campaign, emphasizing his commitment to the forthcoming electoral battle.

As discussions about Biden's potential re-election unfold, some members of the Democratic Party have hinted at alternative candidates, such as Vice President Kamala Harris and California Governor Gavin Newsom. Both Harris and Newsom, however, have thus far pledged their support for Biden, presenting a united front amidst internal party debates.

This discord within the Democratic Party is likely to intensify as the national convention in Chicago looms. The division could spell a complicated path forward, balancing the allegiance to an incumbent president with the burgeoning desires for new leadership.

The trend of withdrawing support not only reflects individual discontent but also signals a possibly pivotal shift in the political landscape. As more donors and influential figures retract their support, the implications for Biden's campaign funding and overall election strategy could be substantial.

Future of the Democratic Party at Stake

The erosion of support from such high-profile donors and celebrities could potentially lead to a reevaluation of campaign strategies within the Democratic Party.

This shift comes at a time when unity and clear vision are paramount for success in the upcoming elections.

Furthermore, the public endorsement of Biden by Harris and Newsom, despite acknowledging the brewing discontent, illustrates the delicate balancing act leaders must perform. They must maintain party cohesion while also addressing the palpable demand for change expressed by their constituents and stakeholders.

The withdrawal of Diller’s support, indicative of a broader sentiment, marks a critical juncture for the Democratic Party. It underscores the challenging decisions that lie ahead, not just for Biden, but for the entire party apparatus as they navigate through these turbulent political waters.

This scenario also highlights the significant influence that Hollywood moguls like Diller wield over political narratives and fundraising.

Their backing—or its withdrawal—can dramatically sway public perception and campaign efficacy, pointing to the ever-evolving interplay between entertainment and politics.


In conclusion, Barry Diller's decision to withdraw support for President Joe Biden highlights a significant shift within the Democratic Party.

As influential figures and voters express their concerns about Biden's candidacy, the upcoming convention in Chicago could become the setting for pivotal decisions about the party's future leadership. The situation remains fluid, with fiscal implications and the broader electoral strategies of the Democratic Party at stake.

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