Hamas commander who planned terrorist attack on Israel killed by IDF

 October 14, 2023
The man responsible for the horrific attack on Israel was killed by the IDF.The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) took down Ali Qadi, the Hamas commander responsible for a devastating attack on Israel. Ali Qadi was a key planner of the attack that resulted in the tragic loss of over 1,300 lives and left more than 3,000 injured according to Breitbart News.

Details of the operation against Ali Qadi

Ali Qadi's capture and subsequent release have a history. He was initially arrested in 2005, following his involvement in the kidnapping and murder of Israelis. However, he was later set free as part of the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange deal in 2011.

It was during this operation that the IDF also targeted Merad Abu Merad, the head of Hamas's aerial system. He played a significant role in guiding terrorists during the recent massacre.

Following the operation, the IDF made a statement on social media. They declared, "Ali Qadi led the inhumane, barbaric October 7 massacre of civilians in Israel. We just eliminated him. All Hamas terrorists will meet the same fate."

Israel's response to the terror attack

The aftermath of the terror attack has been heart-wrenching. Reports suggest that some victims were found burned, while others had been decapitated. Israel has also confirmed that over 120 civilians are currently held captive in Gaza by Hamas.

Maj. Libby Weiss, an IDF spokesperson, shared the grim details with CBS News. She stated, "We see blood spread out in homes. We've found bodies of people who have been butchered. The depravity of it is haunting."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has taken a firm stance against Hamas. He has vowed to destroy the group in Gaza and has advised residents to evacuate to the southern area of the strip, hinting at a potential ground invasion.

Recent IDF activities in Gaza

The IDF has been proactive in its response. They have already carried out successful raids into Gaza. These operations are not just about retaliation but also about gathering crucial information.

Fox News's foreign correspondent, Trey Yingst, reported on the IDF's activities. He mentioned, "The IDF tells Fox News that Israeli forces entered the Gaza Strip today, both infantry forces and tanks, to conduct localized raids. This was not the full-scale invasion that everyone is still anticipating, but it was an effort, according to the Israeli military, to eliminate militants along the border and also to gather information on those held hostage inside the Gaza Strip."

"The depravity of it is haunting."

Conclusion and reflections

The situation in Israel and Gaza remains tense. The loss of innocent lives is always tragic, and the recent events have left many in shock and grief. The world watches closely as events unfold, hoping for a peaceful resolution.

  • Ali Qadi, the Hamas commander behind the attack on Israel, has been killed by the IDF.
  • The IDF has been conducting raids in Gaza, aiming to eliminate militants and gather information.
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to destroy Hamas in Gaza.

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