GOP Prepared To Threaten Government Shutdown Over Border Crisis

 September 25, 2022

In this segment of Fox News, Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., discusses the possibility of Republicans forcing a government shutdown, over the crisis at the border, and Biden's response to Putin's recent nuclear threat.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is apparently set to reveal the GOP’s Border Security Plan.

Rep. Gallagher discusses some of the aspects of the plan and discusses his own opinion on the state of the border, even as it relates directly to his district. He describes the clear lawlessness at our southern border, with crime extending across the nation, especially with the trafficking of Fentanyl. He states he has “massive problems” in his district, with loss of life, due to the high volume of fentanyl, that is making its way across our southern border.

He stated -

“We have to have operational control of our southern border”

- Rep. Mike Gallagher, (R)Wis

Adding that the human tragedy that this is creating, along with chaos must stop, he said-

“Securing our border is the right thing to do for the defense of our country, the well-being of our citizens, and at the same time we need to send a message to those people who want to come here, that there is the right way to do it, not incentivizing people coming here illegally.”

- Rep. Mike Gallagher, (R)Wis

He lists the possible components of the GOP plan, and then goes on to discuss Biden’s poor response to Putin’s saber rattling regarding the war in Ukraine, and his clear threat to use nuclear weapons. The interview is a good review of the GOP’s latest response to the Biden administration on behalf of the safety and security of America.

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