Florida Governor DeSantis Defies Biden Request For Action Against Trucker Convoy

 March 3, 2022

Biden and the White House are terrified of a lot of things, a planned trucker convoy being one of them. They never feared the BLM or Antifa riots. Apparently this convoy is the next January 6 which as we all know was as bad as Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

The hypocrisy is astounding, though not surprising. Any leftist riot that nearly burns a city to the ground is applauded. But a peaceful convoy of truckers exercising their right to protest is a national security threat.

Florida Governor DeSantis, like many of us, has had enough. In fact, he flat out refused Biden's request to deploy the Florida National Guard against the trucker convoy and as security for the State of the Union:

DeSantis's defiance is not only admirable, it shows strong leadership and the willingness to restrain his emergency powers. Unlike many governors across America who have used their power shamelessly over the last two years.

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